LEARNING AT HOME: April 21, 2020

Morah Haley's science experiment; Making a bird feeder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrerCC8Nf5Q
Morah Lana reads 'Whoever You Are' By Mem Fox, a story about children living on planet Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIGNi0SgIfU
After watching Morah Lana's Youtube video, ask your child to draw a picture of herself, and write her name.  Ask her to draw a picture of someone she loves (child or adult can write the name).  Ask your child to draw a picture of other people that they love.  Then, on a separate piece of paper, draw heart outlines and have your child color them and cut them out (help as needed).  Have your child glue the hearts all around the pictures to show all the love!
Remind your child to look out the window and draw in the weather for today, Tuesday, April 21. (Morah Lana's dog, Shea's fourth birthday!) 
Take two pieces of paper.  On one, write 'happy' (or draw a happy face) and write a few things that make your child feel happy.  Have your child sound out and 'write' the sounds, or write for him and have your child watch as you sound out the words and write (demonstrating that sounds make up words).
One the other paper, write, 'sad' and think of three things that make you / your child feel sad. Ask your child to write them (or write them for your child). You can say...' ice cream.  What do you hear when I say I-ce cream? Emphasize the first sound. 
Then have your child draw a heart next to all the things that make him happy.  Cut out all the words that make him feel sad, scrunch up those words and throw them away.
Have your child take out all their shoes.  Mix all the shoes up and then lay them out.  Count how many shoes there are altogether.  Then pair up the shoes and see how many PAIRS of shoes there are.  ('A pair is two things that go together.')
Now that the shoes are out, choose to practice 'shoe closing.' Take out one pair with velcro, or buckles, or laces.  Show your child on the one shoe and have him/her practice on the other shoe.  For laces, start with just tying the initial knot. Your child is not done until ALL the shoes are packed neatly back into the closet!
Gross Motor:
Find an area in your house or outside in your yard that would be big enough for your child to run (or at least walk quickly).
Create four continents: North America (color a piece of paper orange), Europe (color a piece of paper red), Africa (color a piece of paper green), and Antarctica (a white piece of paper). Place each continent in it’s own corner of the room (or yard). Go over which continent is which with your child. Have your child stand in the middle of the four corners and shout out which continent they should run to. Try and switch up the continents named and say them either faster or slower to make it more challenging for your child. You may choose to include all seven continents (North America (orange), South America (pink), Europe (red), Africa (green), Asia (yellow), Australia (brown) and Antarctica (white). These colors correlate to the Montessori colored globe of the world. Also fun for siblings to join in!
EARTH Pizza recipe:
Take a tortilla.  spread on some tomato sauce.  Sprinkle on some cheese. Cook some vegetables (beans, mushrooms,peppers, broccoli ...pineapple) and add them onto planet Earth to make some continents. Lightly oil a pan on the stove top, place the Earth pizza carefully in the pan.  Heat until the cheese melts.  


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