LEARNING AT HOME: April 28, 2020

Morah Haley presents a rainy day experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn6ZR0vvhZs
It's Israel's Independence Day on Wednesday, so our theme this week is "ISRAEL.' 
Morah Lana reads Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faM0AJ9IojU&t=7s
The Israeli flag. Look at the flag attached and use it as a guide, or print it out for a more direct guide.
Using blue paper (or white paper and a blue crayon) ask your child to draw two triangles and cut them out.  Then tear up/cut pieces of blue papers (whatever you have; colored papers, blue tissue paper, blue fabric ) and glue them in a horizontal line across the top of the page, and another horizontal line at the bottom of the page. Glue the blue triangles in the center to make a star of David.  Let the flag dry and bring it along to the Zoom meeting on Wednesday morning.  
'h' words.  'h' is for hat and for head and for hand, h,h,h is what you get from letter 'h' of the alphabet.
Write (and/or draw) 'h' words on pieces of paper (hat, head, hand, heart, hippo, horse, hut, happy, hammer). Fold papers and place them in a hat. Point out that 'hat' starts with a 'h.' Take turns pulling a word from the hat and reading the word.  If your child is not yet reading, the adult asks the child for the first sound - the adult sounds out the word slowly and emphasizes the first sound. 
Count in Hebrew 1-10. 
Echad, shtayim, shalosh, arbah, chameish, sheish, shevah, shmonah, taishah, eseh. 
Write numbers 1-10 on individual little pieces of paper, mix them up and then have your child order them from 1-10 and count and point in Hebrew. 
Gross Motor:
Do some jumps, stretches, jumping jacks, frog hops, touching toes, twists to the side, hop on one leg.  Count in English or Hebrew as you do each. Choose the number first, or count as you jump / hop...


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