Today we celebrate Israel's Birthday, marking Israel's independence in 1948. 
Join Morah Lana in a yoga class:  Israel Yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Jl2cMAJDo&feature=youtu.be
Colors in Hebrew.
Blue -   kachol                      Orange - katom
White -    lavan                     Brown - choom
Play I-spy with my little eye, something that is 'kachol' / blue.  Continue for these four colors (above).  Then play 'I-spy with my little eye, bring me something lavan.' Continue to play until you have a number of items in each of those colors.  Use the blue and white items to create the Israeli flag. Use the brown and orange items to make orange trees that grow in Israel.  
Israel Orange Grove Bingo (attached) https://drive.google.com/file/d/11k947IbwjjMXAgubzxaYkm-MlcH5aOsx/view?usp=sharing
Print attachments and cut out the four Orange Tree Bingo cards. Use a dice, or write numbers 1-6 on little pieces of paper, fold and place in the middle of the table.  Two or more people can play at a time.  Use an orange pencil or crayon to color the numbers as they are called out.  (If you prefer to save the Bingo cards for future use, you can cut out orange little circles, or use pennies to cover the numbers as they are called.) The first person to cover / fill their orange tree with oranges is the winner!
Your gross motor activity today is Israel Yoga (see above). 
Watch Morah Haley read The Little Engine That Could  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKu8u16tLZw&t=8s
After watching Morah Haley’s video reading The Little Engine that Could, children can make their own train filled with their favorite things. Using an egg carton, cut out each cup and punch a hole on either side. Your child can color or paint the cups different colors. The cups will be the train cars that can be tied together using yarn or string. To make the first train, glue a toilet paper roll on top of one of the egg carton cups to be the steam pipe. Pull apart some cotton balls to make some steam to place inside the roll. Your child can fill the train cars with some of their favorite things and drive their train around the house! 


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