LEARNING AT HOME: April 3, 2020

Hello Friday!
Are the children tired?  (Or only the adults?)
Well, here's a wake up routine. Feet together, hands on hips (say, count and do the actions)
1 hop, 
2 steps, 
3 claps, 
4 jumps, 
5 stretches, (arms up and around)
6 touch toes, hands up (say '1', touch toes, hands up, say '2'...repeat as you count to 6 )
7 frog hops, (count as you hop1, 2,3...7)
8 arm out, twist from side to side (as you count to 8)
9 hands on hips, bend knees (say '1',  bend knees and say '2'... 9)
10 "Turn around and begin again!'
Watch Morah Marisol's video on Parshah Tzav
Print the two attachments and do the Parshah art activity.
The sound of the day is 'w'.  Write a 'w' on paper (down up, down, up).  Think of words that begin with the sound 'w'. Have your child write the 'w' and the adult writes the rest of the word. If your child is starting to write, have her sound out and write the 'w' words ('kinder spelling' - writing the word as it sounds). 
'w' is for worm.  Put some dry beans in a little bowl. Place a tablespoon beside the bowl. Have your child take some beans and make a worm.  Have him take a handful and make another worm.  Have him use a tablespoon to spoon beans on the table and line them up into a worm. Ask your child to guess which is the longest worm.  Which is the shortest worm?  Have him count each worm and an adult or child writes the number for each worm.  Now put all the worms together and make one giant worm! Ask your child to S-l-o-w-l-y count CRAZY LONG MR. GIANT WORM. And then watch Morah Sheryl read 'Diary of a Worm' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LOv9cHHQPE



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