LEARNING AT HOME: April 6, 2020

It's Bunny Monday!
Watch Morah Lana read Hoppy Passover!  About a Bunny family celebrating together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu5LSmZyPs4
And just like the bunnies learn all about the Passover seder, you too can make your own seder plate.  
Print the page attached and enjoy this art activity:
Have your child color all the items on the seder plate (attached).  Then, after identifying all the items, cut them out and hide them around the room and have your child find them.  You can give clues along the way, or say warmer, warmer/ cold, very cold...  as your child gets closer or further away from the hidden items. When you have them all, arrange them on a paper plate and glue them down. 
While we are on the subject of bunnies, Morah Nicole reads Guess How Much I Love You with Biscuit the guinea pig looking on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cffDCQ3RCFQ&t=1s
Make your own bunny:
Materials Needed:
Paper Towel Roll or toilet paper roll (you may use more than one if you would like to have different colors for the head and ears) 
Paint color of your choice (you may choose to use more than one color. One color for the head and one for the ears)
Cotton balls or pom-poms
Paper plate or shallow tray
White construction paper

-Pour your paint choice into a shallow tray or paper plate
-Have your child write their name (if writing their own name) onto the white construction paper
-Take the bottom of the paper towel or toilet paper roll and dip it into your paint. Then, press the now painted end of the roll onto the white construction paper. This will be the rabbit's head. It should represent a circular outline.
-Dip your paper towel roll or toilet paper roll into your next paint color. Then, press the now painted roll onto the top of the rabbits head to make the ears. It should represent a circular outline for the rabbit’s two ears.
-Your child can now use the markers to draw the Rabbit's eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.
-Your child can choose to use the cotton balls or pom poms to create the lower half of the rabbit’s body and for the tail
How many bunny hops from the front door to the kitchen?
How many whiskers does your bunny have? If you have not yet made your bunny (activity above), draw a bunny now, with eyes, ears, nose, whiskers and a little cotton ball tail.  
Draw a bunny family.  How many bunny ears does each bunny have?  How many bunny ears altogether, including ALL the bunnies in your bunny family.  
Thinking, or looking at your bunny, what sound do you hear when I say:
If your child is writing, have her write the first sound of the word on a little piece of paper and glue it next to your bunny picture (label the parts of a bunny).  If your child is sounding out words, have them sound out these words and write them down.  This may be 'kinder spelling' / as it sounds.  
See you again tomorrow!


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