LEARNING AT HOME: April 7, 2020

Good morning! 


The sun is peeping through (it is Spring after all) the grass is getting greener and the trees are budding / blossoming! 

Plant some seeds:

Now's a good time to plant some seedlings and watch for signs of growth. And/or you can take some dry beans (Lima beans or kidney beans, try what you have available) place one bean between some cotton wool / cotton ball (I've been here almost thirty years, but still...) place on a saucer, on a windowsill and water just a little daily, or as needed, and watch to see what happens. You can try various beans, one on each saucer. Roots first? Then a shoot? Whatever you are planting, this is a good opportunity for those that are starting to write, to keep a journal of ex. 'The bean.' Start each page with the date, which could look like 'Tuesday April 7, 2020' and have your child write and draw what they planted (or just draw - parent can record what the child says). Water and journal every few days, begin each entry with the date.


Make a bird feeder:

A. String some Cheerio's onto a piece of string/yarn and hang in the tree. 

B. Cut out a cardboard shape (maybe use a cookie cutter), punch a hole and thread some string through, like a hanging ornament. Have your child spread on a generous layer of peanut butter. Then sprinkle on some bird seed, and press down lightly. You can do both sides if you want. Wait about a half hour and then attach the bird feeder to a tree, or to a wire or string line between trees, for fear of excited squirrels.

(If you want to keep the squirrels from eating the treat you intended for the birds, try hanging a line between two trees and attach a large cardboard disc, or a frisbee, with a hole in the center, strung on either side, but not too close to the bird feeder, or to the tree, as squirrels are great gymnasts.) Let me know if that works out!



Watch Morah Haley's science experiment; feel free to bring it to your seder table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2Q6uefqrEE


Pepper and Soap Experiment - Passover Edition!  (Directions)

Using a large rectangular dish, fill about one centimeter of water and drop in blue food coloring. Next, cover the entire surface of the water with black pepper. Dip a finger in dish soap and place the finger in the center of the tray. Watch as Moses (your finger), parts the Sea of Reeds (the black pepper)! 


Here is a picture of Moses parting the Sea of Reeds, to print and have your child color.



Watch Morah Sheryl read Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgzJa5xQ_ZI


Numbers: Measuring:

Print the pages attached and have your child measure, using their feet! Different children/adults in the house will have different numbers - compare! (Record answers in the space provided.)


This is our final day of Activity Emails until we return on April 20. BUT, have no fear, if you are looking for ideas, all of the daily emails that we have sent out, starting March 17, can be repeated - young children enjoy repetition; that's how they learn. If you want to (and haven't already ;) subscribed to our Youtube channel: on Youtube, search 'montessorionline' and on the search bar, right next to the word you just typed in, are a few horizontal lines. Click on that and select 'Channel' then scroll down until you recognize our star logo. Then subscribe! You'll have a whole bunch of videos to watch/repeat watch (exasperating for you, I know!!! But your child may enjoy seeing their teachers or listening to a story...)


Chag Passover Sameach from all of your Montessori teachers!

Take a break, enjoy all that Spring offers, stay positive and we will get to the other side!


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