Learning at Home: June 10, 2020


Roll out your yoga mat or towel and join Morah Lana for some BEACH YOGA.
Watch Morah Haley read Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems
Crab Craft

-Red and yellow paint
-Paint brush
-Blue piece of paper
-Cotton balls 
-Googly eyes

Have your child paint half of the blue paper with yellow paint to represent sand on a beach. After letting the yellow paint dry, have your child cover the palms of their hands in red paint and stamp their hands on the page onto the sand portion. When stamping, make sure that your child’s thumbs are pressed together to make one whole crab shape. Have your child glue the googly eyes onto the thumb prints to make eyes for the crab. Cotton balls can be glued onto the blue part of the paper to be clouds! 
(If you don't have paint, you can still make your crab! Place hands flat on the paper with thumbs together and trace around the hands. Add eyes. And if you watched yesterday's Youtube video - 'making sand', you can make some more and glue some onto your page - all around your crab.)
beach conversation. Talk about all the things you do at the beach and then draw a picture of yourself at the beach. (Questions to get you started: Do you bring an umbrella? Maybe some sand toys? Will you go for a walk? Swim in the sea? Maybe you like to play in the rock pools? What would you find?)
Number: Turtle Puzzles-Number Fun
Print the attachment and color one of the turtles red, one blue and one yellow. Then cut out each turtle, and all the parts of the turtle (cut on the lines) and you'll each have your own turtle puzzle. Each player chooses a turtle color and places the colored number pieces of their turtle in a row in front of them. Each player takes a turn to throw the dice (or pick a folded paper with a number (1-6) printed on it). If you get a 3, take the 3 colored turtle piece from in front of you and start to construct your own turtle. Then the next person takes their turn.  If on your turn you roll a 3 dice again and you already have your 3 piece, the next person takes their turn.  Continue taking turns until someone completes their turtle! 
Gross Motor:
Yoga with Morah Lana (see Youtube video above)


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