Learning at Home: June 11, 2020

Morah Sheryl created an Ocean Bingo game (attached)
Print the attachment and play 3-letter 'e' words. Cut out the letter squares and mix them all together.  Locate the magic 'e' and keep it close.  The 'e' is the magic letter that will turn all these letters into words.  The 'e' always goes in the middle, with a sound on either side.  See which sounds you recognize and starting with those two sounds, place the 'e' in between and sound out the word.  Then choose two other sounds and place them on either side of the 'e'. Sound out that word.  Have fun making lots of words, some may be real words, others may be super silly.  The important rule in this game is that the 'e' always goes in the middle. 
Print the Beach Scene (attached) and count how many of each of the listed beach things you find. Color your picture when you are done counting. 
Gross Motor:
Play Balloon Up! 
Inflate a balloon and see how long you can keep it off the floor. The only rule is that you can hit the balloon or bop it up but you can not hold the balloon. If you don't have a balloon, remember this game for another day, and in the meantime, scrunch up a large piece of light weight paper (tissue paper, or maybe paper towel) and see if you can keep the paper in the air and off the ground.  


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