Learning at Home: June 12, 2020


Oh my word! NOOOOOOOOO it can't possibly be...our last day of school.  It is :(

The 19/20 school year has been a year like no other, in so many ways.  For some it's the last of preschool, for others it's the first year at preschool.  There are days we laughed and played and learned and shared, and days we had to stay home and watch Youtube videos and talk to our friends on Facetime and Zoom.  Days when parents had to be playmates, and teachers and entertainers and mommy's and daddy's, offering support, consoling, baking and cooking and working and Zooming - all in one day.  Yes, it's been quite a year and we did it!  Together. And we'll never forget it either.  The children may forget, but the adults will always remember.  The teachers will never forget.  We love you all and miss you!
Thanks for all your support and encouragement and for helping to teach your children. Enjoy and celebrate all the beautiful days of Summer!  
Your teachers would love to come by and wave hello (from a distance) and give you something special to help you remember this year. We are not quite ready but will send an email in a week or so to let you know when to expect us. Can't wait to see you!!!!!
Let's all come together for our end of school year, Shabbat Sing along, today 10am, on Zoom.
The Torah parsha this week is Beha'alotcha. Watch Morah Marisol and her puppets, Aaron, Moshe and Miriam
Parsha Art:
Make a trumpet-

Paper towel roll

Poster board

Paints, stickers, etc


Place some newspaper on a table and gather your painting materials and a paper towel.
Take a piece of poster board and draw a medium/large circle then place the paper towel roll in the middle of the circle and draw another circle around it. 
Have your child paint the paper towel roll and leave it on the newspaper to dry.
Cut the larger circle into a cone and cut out the small circle.
Now this cone is ready for your child to decorate it.
After the paint has dried on the paper towel roll, tape the cone around the paper towel roll. 
The trumpet is done!
Rhyming words - words don't have to be spelled the same, they just have to sound the same/rhyme
Say 'ball' and ask your child to think of many words that rhyme (or sound the same as) 'ball' - (tall, ball, fall, call, wall,...)
The second word is 'pail' (tail, whale, mail, ...)
Using Lego's or blocks, build a sandcastle (pretend). 
Then count how many blocks you used. 
How many red blocks?
How many blue blocks?
How many yellow blocks?
Gross Motor:
Don't Step in the Water!
Only step on the stepping stones.  
With sidewalk chalk, draw circles of varied sizes on your driveway. Some close together, others a 'leap' away.  Have your child jump, step or leap from one stepping stone to the other without falling in the water!
If playing indoors, lay out paper circles, or napkins, or place cushions all around the room. These will be your stepping stones. 


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