Learning at Home: June 4, 2020

Mystic Aquarium, right here in Connecticut, has put together a series of videos for children.  This one is about penguins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6p3kdHEP1kand another about sea lions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGcL73W60us
and there are others too.  Look up Kathryn's Aquarium Adventures to see more.
Watch Morah Nicole's Under the Sea video 
After watching Morah Nicole's video and getting some ideas, make your own 
Ocean in an Egg Carton:
Egg carton
Blue paint
Pipe cleaners
Markers,paper, scissors
Ocean shells (if you have access)

Have your child paint an entire egg carton blue. After it dries, draw fish, starfish, sea anemones, dolphin, whales, on the blue egg carton (or on paper and cut out). Fill the egg carton with sea shells, glue on seaweed yarn and create a sea horse or octopus with the pipe cleaners (or bottle top with string glued on). An instant ocean!
Tie a piece of yarn or string to the end of a pencil.  At the other end of the yarn, attach a pen (or the cap of a pen) - this is your fishing rod. Lay the paper on the floor and have your child stand over it and fish (point) to all the 'i' sounds. 
Extension: Choose another sound for your child to 'fish'. Which words rhyme?
Counting 3-D collage:
Count 4 blue socks, 4 blue crayons/ pencils, 4 blue T-Shirts, 4 blue papers and lay them out to create the ocean. 
Count out 10 blue Lego's, 10 green Lego's, 10 yellow Lego's, 10 red Lego's, (substitute blocks or something similar if not using Lego's) and create a boat. Place the boat on the ocean. Find 2 'people' to go in the boat. Sail away.

Gross Motor: 

ocean obstacle course
Using sidewalk chalk create an obstacle course:
Starting at one end of the driveway, draw five rocks (circles) in a row, then seaweed squiggles in a zig-zag formation so your child can run in and out (between) the seaweed, followed by a line with some spaces between (or waves), then a long straight line, followed by a simple boat outline, a big circle (island), draw a tree trunk about 3 or 4 feet long, with a coconut (circle) at the end of the tree trunk, then a big wavy line all the way back to the start. 
Adult can demonstrate first, then call out directions as your child follows the directions.
Jump from rock to rock
Wade (run) between the seaweed
Swim through the waves (big arm movements)
Balance on your surfboard (arms out to the sides, feet staying on the line, walk heel to toe)
Row in your canoe (sit, legs outstretched, use arms to pretend to row)
Jump onto the island
Run around the island
Climb the tree (keep feet on the ground, bend knees and  touch the ground, walk on hands up the tree)
Touch the coconut, then walk hands back to meet your feet
Fly like a seagull all the way back, along the wavy line


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