Learning at Home: June 5, 2020

Our Shabbat Zoombegins at 10am - hope to see you there. (Invite was emailed yesterday.)
Watch Morah Marisolwith her puppets, Moshe and Aaron present this week's Parsha Naso and read The Mitzvah Magician
This is the land and sea game that our Israeli emissaries taught during the year:
YUM - water
YUBUSHA - dry land
Decide what the land will be (rug) and the water, all around the rug. 
Call ' Yubusha!' (pronounced with a soft 'u') and your child jumps onto the rug. 
Call out 'Yum!' and your child jumps off the rug.
Call slowly, then quicken the pace (yum, yum, yubusha, yum, yubusha, yubusha, yum ...) as your child jumps on and off the rug. The children had fun playing this in class. 
Watch Morah Sheryl read How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long
Today is Friday.  
How many days are there in the week?Sing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday... and repeat - your child will (hopefully) remember the tune. 
What month is it? 
How many days are there in June?Count the calendar days, attached. If you continued your charting of the weather for the days in May, count how many sunny days there were in May.  How many rainy days were there in May? How many cloudy days? If you did not chart the weather, no worries.  Print the JUNE calendar (attached) and draw a cloud on June 1, a cloud on June 2, clouds on June 3,  a sun on June 4 and what is the weather today? Draw the picture in the June 5 block. Place your chart on the fridge and remember to draw in the weather each morning. 
Clap along with our Ezra Music Teacher, Morah Dawn 
Gross Motor:
It's Friday - time to dance! Find your favorite song, put the volume up and dance away. You could play music stop freeze (freeze when the music stops) or you could just keep on dancing all around the house.  


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