Learning at Home: June 8, 2020

This week we include activities related to the beach.  
Watch Morah Sheryl Read The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister
Watch Morah Nicole's video of sea turtles, watch carefully and then do the turtle art project.

Materials needed:
Paper plate
Various shades of green tissue paper, or various shades of green crayons
Green construction paper
Googly eyes or black markers
Have your child cut or tear the green tissue paper into small pieces. If you don’t have tissue paper, your child could use green crayons to color the paper plate. Glue the tissue paper onto the paper plate. Have your child cut out pieces of the green construction paper to make the feet, tail and head of your turtle. Finally, glue your googly eyes or draw them on the turtles head.


Writing practice letter: t (to start) and if your child is comfortably holding a pencil with some control, move on to h and m.
The language to use is as follows: For each letter, pronounce the sound.
t - 'down, lift your pencil and across'
h - 'down, up on the line and around'
m - 'down, up on the line, around, up on the line and around'
extension: think of words that start with each of these letters and say them out loud. You may make a list of these words; child tries to sound out and write, or the adult slowly writes the words for the child, showing that words are made up of groups of letters, also demonstrating how letters are formed (adults, write the letters with attention to detail if your child is at the stage of practicing letter writing).
Cut out the number 7, attached, and then, on your 7 cut-out, draw 7 things that you find at the beach  (beach ball, crab, shell, sandcastle...)
Gross Motor:
This is an outdoor activity, for sure :) Especially on a sunny day, swimsuits optional.
You will need two buckets or containers per child/ adult child (as in parent!) and a pitcher or cup/ small container per person.
Each person has two buckets/ containers placed six or more feet apart.  
One bucket is filled with water, the other bucket is empty.
Each person holds their cup and, starting at the water filled bucket, fills their cup and walks/runs to the opposite (empty) bucket and pours the water in, then runs back to get more water.  Continue back and forth until you have each transferred all the water from bucket a to bucket b. It's okay to spill water BUT at the end you can decide that the winner is the person with the most water in their (b) bucket, and/or the first person to transfer all their water.
Extension: Repeat, this time with a sponge to transfer the water


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