Learning at Home: June 9, 2020

Watch Morah Lana read Fox Makes Friends, by Adam Relf
After watching Morah Lana read about friends making new friends, see if you can find items outdoors and 'make a friend' using sticks, leaves, little rocks... and/or make an edible friend using fruit, pretzel sticks, peanut butter, celery, broccoli, carrots, pieces of cheese... And if you're really having so much fun, make a box construction friend too. 
See Morah Haley's science experiment which some call  'Moon Sand' but we can call 'Beach Sand' - perfect for creating sandcastles. 
Try this week's Beach themed tongue twister. Practice saying it out loud, first slowly and then quicken the pace. After some practice, record your child and send it to me! (Bloopers are fun to watch too) We miss everyone!!!
She sells sea shells on the sea shore
Beach ball fractions.
Draw (or trace around a large plate).  That's one whole beach ball.  Fold it in half and cut it down the middle.  Now you have two halves of the beach ball.  Ask your child to put the two halves together and ask what they made (one whole beach ball).  Now fold each halve in half again, or cut in half. starting at the point.  How many pieces of the beach ball are there now?  Count. You may choose to cut each of these in half again, cutting from the point. Now lay out all the pieces of the beach ball and count them. How many pieces are there now?  
Extensions:You can make multiple beach balls: Color each beach ball a different color/ or decorate each 'beach ball' before you cut them. 
1 whole circle 'beach ball'
Another circle cut in half 
Another circle cut into quarters
And a circle cut into eighths
Then mix up all the pieces of all the beach balls and try to puzzle them back together (by color/size) to make 4 whole beach balls. 
Gross Motor:
Beach ball toss.
With a beach ball, or other large ball, throw the ball to your child. Throw and catch from a short distance and then from further apart. Then have your child throw the ball up high and try to catch it on his own. 


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