LEARNING AT HOME, March 20, 2020

Hi all,

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Zoom at 10am! (URL on last night's email.)
Today you can listen to Morah Marisol's Torah parsha of the week https://youtu.be/Su96fhcsv_c
Following this is the accompanying
Art activity:
Edible craft: (Breast plate with 12 'gems' for the 12 tribes of Israel)
graham cracker
peanut butter or almond butter
12 jelly beans
Spread the nut butter on the graham cracker and strategically place the jelly beans so that there are 4 rows of 3 jelly beans.
Non-edible breast plate:
cardboard 8/8 or smaller depends on your child’s height
12 pieces of multi-colored tissue paper - if you don’t have 12 different colors, layer a few to create a new color
glue stick
Have the child cut or tear 12 pieces of tissue paper 
glue one piece of tissue paper in a row of four onto your cardboard- to create 12 different colors have the child experiment layering the tissue to create new colors
children will more than likely not have a neat row but they will enjoy the colors and the time to make the craft
Numbers: On a little piece of paper write 1, on another paper write 2 and on a third paper write 3.  Then fold the papers and place in a bag, or in a pile.  Pick one paper, unfold and if you picked '3' jump three times, counting on each jump.  For children that know all the numbers to 9, write each number on a separate piece of paper and take turns jumping, or clapping the number on the paper picked from the pile.  The other person (people) guess what number you have.  Extension: include numbers 11-19.
Sounds: Sing
Yankee doodle came to town, riding on a pony
Stuck a feather in his cap, and called it macaroni!
Now write a sound (no vowels) on a paper and ask your child the sound.
Sing the song replacing the first sound of each word with the sound on the paper.
Ex, 'b'
Bankee boodle bame boo bown, biding bon b bony,
Buck b beather bin bis bap, band balled it bacaroni!
Repeat with other first sounds :)
Gross Motor: Obstacle course.  Have your child help set up an obstacle course with chairs, tables, something small to jump over, a large toy to run around...
Ex: Run around a chair, crawl under the table, creep under another chair, jump 5 times, pick up a soft toy and toss it into a container, jump over the broom handle and crab walk to the front door.  Extensions:  Jump like a frog over the broom handle, wheel barrow walk five paces (someone holding child's legs), balance a book on your head while walking to the chair, ...
Let's all enjoy some time away from computers (just saying :)


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