LEARNING AT HOME: March 23, 2020

Watch Morah Lana reading a story about Baby Moses https://youtu.be/ndyzvHA-sso
and then get ready for the
Art activity: You may want to set up the art activity prior to watching the video, and thus give your more independent child something to work on, and free yourself up for a half hour?! (This will only work with some, most children will do best with an adult nearby.) Print attachment, or draw a large triangle on a brown paper (pyramid), a large rectangle on blue paper, and a small oval.  Provide scissors, glue stick or Elmer's glue and color pencils, paint, crayons or markers.  Ask your child to cut out the shapes, color the pyramid, cut out the Nile River (rectangle) and then cut out the small oval (Moses' basket). Ask your child to draw baby Moses in the basket.  Glue everything onto a big piece of paper. The picture can be embellished with torn strips of green paper, or drawn bulrushes.  (Print attachment if you prefer.)
Sounds: Rhyming words. Take the word 'Moses' and think (and/or write down) all words that rhyme eg. roses, toeses, noses, hoses, poses,wozes, zozes.  You can even go through the alphabet.  Have a laugh, and if you write them down, go through the list and circle the ones that are real words.  Other words from the story to rhyme with: Nile, reeds.  
Number: Take out a draw full of socks. This will be used in today's gross motor activity too.   
Unfold all socks and mix together.  Group by color: all white, yellow socks, stripes, dots... Then guess how many in each group and count to check each group.  Remix and sort using other criteria; like which socks are the longest, all the short socks, socks with only two colors, socks with many colors. Again, count each group.  Notice which group has the most socks.  Then pair all socks and roll each pair into a ball, ready for the gross motor activity...
Gross Motor:
Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Materials Needed:

3 laundry baskets (more if you would like to make this more of a challenge or have multiple siblings that would like to play along.)

Paper and pencil


An abundance of rolled up socks (think paired socks that are folded)



If your child is writing numbers, have him or her decide how many points each laundry basket is worth (example 2 points, 3 points etc.). Have your child write the number on a piece of paper with the pencil and then tape the paper to the appropriate basket. Next, find an area in your house that you are designating as the Skee Ball Challenge area. The baskets can be placed next to each other, or farther apart with the ones that are worth more points being farther away. Your child can then use the rolled-up socks as the “balls” and toss them into the laundry baskets. Tally up the points to see how many “balls” make it in, or if siblings are playing too, see who scored more points!

Watch Morah Nicole making playdough https://youtu.be/FZVUPOVeFQU (recipe attached)
If you make some, you can play with it and then place in an airtight container for another day.



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