LEARNING AT HOME: March 24, 2020

Morah Haley posted a Candy Color Science experiment, which you can watch here https://youtu.be/PTwAsBA1bo8
For written instructions, see attachments.
The story of Passover, Puppet Show with Morah Lana is on our Youtube channel 'montessorionline' which you can subscribe to if you'd like. https://youtu.be/prcREGcit4c
After the video, cut out or color the plague puppets in the ART activity below and your child can act out the 10 plagues.  

Click here for a Passover plagues finger puppet craft from Brenda Ponnay on The Shiksa in the Kitchen blog, another project that helps teach your kids the story of Passover.

10 plagues

Ten plagues finger puppets are a fun craft that helps tell the story of Passover.

The best thing about this craft is you have two options: print out the pictures in color or print the black-and-white version and have your kids color them. Obviously, you can also do both.

Sounds: Our sound for today is 'p' for plague.  Write a big 'p' (lower case) neatly on a paper and have your child trace the letter with his/her finger. If your child is starting to practice writing, have him practice writing 'p' neatly (start at the top, go 'down, up on the line, and around.') Now go around collecting 5 objects that start with a 'p' (pencil, pan, paper, pink, plate, penguin, potato...) If your child enjoys drawing, have him/her draw one of those items and write a big 'p' next to it.  Extensions: Adult brings 3 other objects that do NOT start with a 'p.' Mix all objects together and ask your child to close their eyes (doesn't matter if they peek ;) and feel an object and guess if it starts with a 'p.' Some children may be ready to start sounding out words and in that case, you can encourage them to sound out the 'p' object and write the sounds that they hear. Children that are starting to write should write a 'p' story, perhaps using one or more of the 'p' objects. When children are learning to write, it is mostly phonetic - they write what they hear, so correct spelling is not so important, unless they specifically ask you how to spell the word.  Remind your child to leave a finger space between the words, and you may want to draw lines with a ruler. 

Number: In keeping with the plague theme, draw or collect objects (toys) to represent the plagues; like fish (water turns to blood), frogs, wild animals, cows/sheep, cotton balls or plastic golf balls (hail), bandaids (sores/boils), insects or black beans (lice), ... and see how many you have of each. Counting game.  Extension: Suggest to your child to put all the fish and all the frogs together and then count how many altogether. Combine another two groups together.  Further extensions: Have your child write the numbers of each group. 

Gross Motor: Obstacle courses are always fun and your child will enjoy creating them and coming up with instructions for running around, climbing over, crawling under...



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