LEARNING AT HOME: March 25, 2020

Take out a yoga mat or a towel, roll it out and get ready to do Passover Yoga with Morah Lana https://youtu.be/pNuwE0bxQrw
ART activity:
Take out cardstock or other paper, a scissors, markers, crayons or paint, a stapler, glue/glue stick or tape.  Make a frog headband by coloring a wide strip of paper (or cardstock/ firmer paper) in green, or color it green.  Measure to fit around your child's head.  Draw two ovals on white paper and have your child cut them out.  Then draw two small circles, have your child cut these out and color them black.  Glue the black circles (eyeballs) onto the white ovals and then glue the eyes onto the front of the green headband - voila!  A frog. You may enjoy making more headband for the other plagues... a wild animal, a locust, a sick cow, hail (stick cotton balls onto the headband)... Get creative.
Ask your child to gather 6 toys, or 6 stuffed animals while you count to twenty.  When all toys are gathered together, play I-Spy with my little eye, something that starts with the sound ... 
Have your child guess which toy/ animal you are thinking of.  For the youngest, only put one or two toys/toy animals in front of them.  When your child gets confident with this game, include more objects (toys).For older children, take turns telling a story about one of the toys.  Adult starts by picking up one of the toys (cat) and says...' One day a little brown cat sat on my bed.  She meowed and wanted me to take her to' Adult stops talking and the child must continue. Then adult or sibling can continue with the story at any time. This may be challenging, but give it a go. 
I'm thinking of a number, can you guess which number I am thinking of?  Adult claps 3 times.  Child guesses, or adult can mouth the number whilst clapping.  For other children, say 'I am thinking of a number, it is bigger than 1.  Child guesses.  Adult can say 'yes! I was thinking of 4.' 
Then adult goes again, ' I am thinking of a number that is bigger than 3.'  Child guesses '5.' Adult may say yes, or can say ' oh, it is even bigger than 5.' If child says 10, adult can say 'it is bigger than 5 but smaller than 10.' Continue giving clues; bigger than/smaller than. 
Watch Morah Nicole read 'Who Wants to be a Poodle?  I Don't. ' https://youtu.be/I6QwI5dAemg
Gross Motor:
Walking the Line

Materials needed: roll of painter’s tape (or a length of yarn), different sized balls, cars (anything that can be rolled)


Find an area in your house that is safe to push the furniture away.

Use your roll of painter’s tape (or yarn) to create lines or patterns on the floor (can be straight lines, circles or any design that your child would like).

First, have your child practice walking the line by keeping his or her balance all while staying on the line.

To make this activity more challenging, your child can try rolling a ball or toy car on the line without going outside of the “line” or path.


Have fun!


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