LEARNING AT HOME: March 26, 2020

Watch Morah Sheryl read the book  'Click, Clack Moo, Cows that Type.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXc_du9ls0w
Today is a sunny day, and a good day to go outdoors and look for some signs of Spring.  Print the page attached and have your child check off pictures as items are found. Then color the pictures.
Have fun doing these music and movement songs with Morah Dawn! 
Numbers/Shape Activity: 
Start in the living room and look for something that is square shaped (maybe a pillow).  Count all the things in the room that are square shaped.  Then count all the rectangles (photo frames, books,windows...) Is anything shaped like a circle? (look around carefully...a bowl, a lamp shade?) How many squares did you find? How many rectangles? Are there more rectangles or more squares?
Write your child's name, or have them write their own name.  Then think of something that starts with each letter in their name.  Draw a picture of each item next to the letter.
Watch Morah Haley read 'The Dot' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zeJnP_hyis
ART Activity:
After watching Morah Haley’s video reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, have your child create their own dot. Children can paint or draw their own dot on a piece of paper, or a parent can draw a circle for children to work with. Children may choose to paint or color their dot. Additionally, children can decorate using glue and art supplies (pom-poms, ripped paper, glitter, sequins, etc.). Help your child to sign their name on the bottom (if children can write their own name have them do so) and display their dot proudly in your house!   
More fun tomorrow...


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