LEARNING AT HOME: March 27, 2020

Morah Marisol's Weekly Torah Parsha https://youtu.be/4A_cFHhHA7o
Sound/Letter Activity:
Take a piece of paper and cut it into 6 equal pieces.  With pink and blue markers, write these sounds in lower case, one on each piece of paper: ma, op, n, t. Have your child say each sound.  (This may be enough, and just repeat two or three of the sounds and have your child hide and find each of those two (or three) sounds. Extension: Using only the sounds that your child recognises; place three sounds together and have your child sound out the word. Then mix up the letters and make a new word. Continue.  It may make sense to write the 'a' and the 'o' in blue and the other sounds in pink (according to the Montessori sandpaper letters, vowels are blue) then tell your child that each word has to have a blue sound in the middle.  Extensions: Make more sounds and have your child make more words - some will be funny 'non words' but see how many words you can make.  For those that are writing, they may copy/write the words that they create.
Morah Lana reads 'The Matza Man' https://youtu.be/us0RKXTmAdA
Print attachment, or draw an outline of a person (like a cookie cutter type shape).  Draw a second 'Matza Man.' Have your child color the Matza Man and then cut it into six parts. Take a dice (if you have one) or write numbers one to six on little papers and fold up. Shake in your hand and have your child choose one.  He /she will build a Matza Man, one piece at a time according to the number on the dice (paper).  Then the other child, or adult takes a turn.  Each person puts together the pieces of their Matza Man until complete.  If you roll a 5 and you already have the 5 piece of your Matza Man, then it's the other person's turn.  Good luck! 
Gross Motor:
Lily Pad Jump
Gather some paper plates.  Have your child color the plates green.  Find an open space, or push furniture out of the way.  Randomly place the paper plates around the floor and instruct your child to do 'frog jumps.' After practicing, they can hop from lily pad to lily pad (perhaps wearing the frog headband they made on Wednesday).  
Have them sing 'One morning when Pharoah woke in his bed...'
See Passover songs, attached
Shabbat Shalom!


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