Learning at Home: May 11, 2020

Morah Nicole shows us her bird feeder and all the birds that come visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfTg3bcMoAM
Place 6 baby birds in a nest / your baby birds can be plastic  teaspoons with eyes drawn on, or make 6 Lego birds, or 6 cotton balls...on a plate (nest). Count each bird.  Tell your child that 2 baby birds fly away. Count how many are still in the nest.  Then fly all six birds back into the nest.  Tell your child that 1 baby bird flew away (take one bird out of the nest) and count how many are left in the nest.  Always place six birds back in the nest and fly some away, tell the story and count each time. 
Monday is letter practice day. The letters today are p, r and n. (Or choose just one of these.) The phrase we use with all three of these sounds is...'Down, up on the line and around.' Show your child how to hold the pencil and starting at the top, move your pencil down, up on the line and around. Encourage your child to practice large letter formation on a blank sheet of paper, or use a ruler to draw three neat lines. Have your child fill the page with each sound written neatly - a line of p's, n's and r's.  Extension: Think of words that start with each of those sounds. Draw a picture for each sound, or write the word matching the sound (n is for nest, p is for pig, r is for root, rug, robin).
Bird’s nest art:
Materials Needed:
Paper plate
White construction paper
Yellow construction paper
Googly eyes (if you have them at your house)
Colored markers
Fold a paper plate in half
Color the half paper plate brown
Have your child tear white paper into strips and color it brown. After the strips are colored, have your child glue them onto the paper plate. This is the “nest”.
Next, have your child draw three oval shapes onto the white paper. Then, have your child color the oval shapes (the birds) any color that they would like.
Now, it is time to have your child cut the oval shapes out (or, if your child is not using scissors yet, you can cut it out for them).
Have your child glue the three oval shaped “birds” onto the paper plate nest.
Next, have your child draw three yellow triangles  and cut them out. These are the bird beaks. Have your child glue the beaks onto the birds. The final step is to glue on your googly eyes, or if you don’t have any, have your child use markers to create eyes.
Watch Morah Sheryl read Harold and the Purple Crayon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQyrEQH_BEw
With all the hand washing we are doing, now more than ever, Sasha Rotman's mom, Jessica, shared a link for making soap at home. 
(The soap sets within a few hours.) 
At Shasha's house, they used molds that they had from other craft kits, instead of using cupcake tins. For scents you can use perfume, essential oils, or go no scent. Sasha also enjoyed adding glitter to some of her soaps. Add the glitter right after you add the scent. Just a few pinches of glitter is all that is needed. 
One more thing they did to personalize the soap was put temporary tattoos on the tops. This is done once the soap is fully dry and set. Apply the tattoo onto the soap like you would apply a temporary tattoo onto skin. 
Gross Motor: Freeze Dance

This game requires kids to listen for the music AND to stop their bodies moving when the music stops. This is a good way to work on impulse control as well. Pick a fun song, stopping it occasionally and seeing who freezes their bodies. Try to hide the music source so kids can’t see when you’re about to stop the music.


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