Learning at Home: May 12, 2020

Today is Lag B'Omer, the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer (measures of wheat) that begins on the second day of Passover and continues for seven weeks, culminating on Shavuot. On this day, in the second century, the plague that killed Rabbi Akiva's 24 000 disciples came to an end. To commemorate this, people all over the world traditionally sit around campfires, sing together and celebrate the opportunity to live life, free to observe practices of choice, and being healthy.  This year, particularly, we should sing LOUDLY, celebrate and be thankful for our health and freedom, and sing yet louder for the essential workers that help make this possible for us!
Number Chant:
One little, two little, three little marshmallows
four little, five little, six little marshmallows
seven little, eight little, nine little marshmallows
ten little marshmallows around the bonfire
Ten little, nine little, eight little marshmallows
seven little, six little, five little marshmallows
four little, three little, two little marshmallows
One little... no little marshmallows YUM, YUM, YUM
Make fists and hold up fingers as you chant/ hold down fingers on the reverse.  
You may write all the numbers 1-10 on little papers and have your child lay them out in order. Touch each number as you chant / sing.Then point to the numbers in descending order, as the song continues.
Pretend you are sitting around a bonfire toasting marshmallows as you sing this, and any other favorites.   Include David Melech Israel, with hand movements, ask your child to demonstrate!
Language Memory game:
On Lag B'Omer people often go on a picnic.  Spread a blanket indoors or outdoors and play the picnic memory game.  Adult starts...'I am going on a picnic and I will bring along (a blanket).' Next person says...'I am going on a picnic and I will bring along a blanket (whatever the previous person said) and a sandwich.' Next person says...'I am going on a picnic and I will bring along a blanket and a sandwich and a watermelon.' Continue playing, trying to remember all the items that were brought along to this picnic.
Snack today might be 'ants on a log' - spread peanut butter, or cream cheese on celery sticks, or carrots, or pretzels. Place raisins on top to represent ants. 
Lag B'Omer Art:
Coloring or painting a bonfire.
Cut or tear long strips of brown paper, about three strips (or color the paper brown) and glue onto a paper as fire wood. Then paint yellow and orange paint directly onto the palm of the child's hand and have them stamp their handprint just above the 'firewood/logs.' Paint hands again and hand-stamp a few times to represent the flames.  Another idea for flames, trace around your child's hand (on yellow, or orange paper, or use crayons to color the paper) and cut them out to represent 'flames' and glue onto the paper. Send photos or short video clip to Morah Lana of your child doing this activity, or any of our activities- we'd love to see what you are doing!
Lag B'Omer Gross Motor:
Pack a snack and pretend to, or go on a real picnic outside.  Enjoy the walk!  (Or pretend) While you are out, play Hide And Go Seek. Choose what number your child will count to, which may be 10, or use the opportunity to have your child practice counting to 30, or beyond!  Or have them count in Hebrew. 
Watch Morah Haley do a baking soda and vinegar experiment and then have fun trying the experiment at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s58cI2xNuxk&t=8s
Watch Morah Lana read Monkey Puzzle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4vYWaSJNkw


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