Learning at Home: May 14, 2020

Lots of scissor practice today! 
Watch Morah Nicole describe the birds at her bird feeder.  See if you can spot the birds.
Cardinal Art:
Materials needed:
Red yarn or string
Paper plate 
One coffee filter
Red marker
Black construction paper
Googly eyes (if you have them)

Have your child draw out what they think a cardinal body shape would look like on the paper plate.
Next, have your child cut out the shape with scissors, or help them if they are not yet using scissors.
After the shape is cut out, help your child to wrap the yarn or string around the shape to make the cardinal red “body”. The yarn should wrap around both sides completely.
Next, have your child cut out a black mask for the cardinal face and glue it into the body. Your child can also glue on googly eyes if you have them, or draw the eyes on.
Finally, have your child color the coffee filter red and then glue this onto the side of the bird’s body to serve as his wing feathers.
You have created a male cardinal like you saw in the bird video!
Print Parts of a bird, attached  Have your child cut out the words and glue onto the corresponding part of the bird. 
Print the pages attached and have your child count the sides of each shape, record the number of sides in the center of each shape and then carefully cut out each shape. 
Gross Motor:
Play the Direction Game. Place a large pillow on the floor and tell your child to pretend it is a leaf.  The child pretends to be a butterfly. Adult gives direction and the child moves accordingly.
Sit on top of the leaf.
Fly around the leaf. 
Stand in front of the leaf.
Lie down behind the leaf. 
Lie underneath the leaf.
Fly far away from the leaf.
Flap your wings next to the leaf...


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