Learning at Home: May 21, 2020

MORE MUSIC today...
Watch Morah Sheryl and her daughter describe and play the ukulele!
Thinking of musical instruments, and pairing them with their first sounds. 
Violin, trumpet, piano, harp, french horn, guitar. Print out the attachment and cut out the squares. Mix the letters and place them face down  (4 cards across, 3 down).  Play the memory game, taking turns to turn over a letter, and then try to remember where the matching letter was.  If you turn over two matching letters, you 'win' those cards. Continue taking turns - the winner is the person with the most letters at the end of the game. 
The number of the day is 5.
Find objects in groups of 5.  Suggestions:
5 green (Lego) blocks
5 crayons
5 crackers
5 coins
5 books
Mix them all together and then sort them into 'like' groups.
Then line them up - all 5 crayons together, all 5 blocks next to one another, 5 coins right next to one another...
Which group of 5 is the longest?  Which group of 5 is the shortest?  Are any groups of objects the same length? 
Box construction ukulele.
Using recycled boxes, paper towel tubes, or other recycled containers, tape, yarn / string and scissors, make your own ukulele!  Having so much fun?  Make some other musical instruments too and ask others in the house to join in your musical band, or marching parade. 
Gross Motor Marching Band:
With your musical instrument in hand (the box construction you made, or an instrument you already have, or a pan and a wooden spoon!) march along, singing and playing along as you go.  Kind of like Follow the Leader, with the leader calling out directions: ' Big stomps - play loud! Tiny steps, jump high, crouch low as you move along, turning around, marching backwards, on your toes, big steps sideways...


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