Learning at Home: May 22, 2020

Reminder... Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day and there will be no Montessori daily activity email.
Friday, May 29 is Shavuot - also no Montessori daily email BUT we will be celebrating leading up to Shavuot with activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
To close out the school week on a musical note, watch Morah Dawn and join in some new rhythm clappinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKHmVRlBYfY&t=12s
Morah Nicole shows us the electric keyboard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoHHD_hikiY
mis for music.  Write mon the top of your page and think of lots of words that begin with the sound 'm'. (Monkey, me, mat, moon, Minnie Mouse, mustard...) See how many words you can list. Have your child try to write the words (kinderspelling - which means your child sounds out the word and writes the sounds that they hear) or write down the words that your child suggests. 
It's Friday and that means it's time to listen to Morah Marisol's Weekly Parsha, Bamidbar  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vHRyvGFL9M&t=2s
The dice game. ( If you do not have a dice, cut out 6 squares and draw the dots 1-6 as on a dice, fold the papers and put in a bowl.) Fill a small bowl with pom-poms (or coins, pasta, buttons, any small objects).  Take turns to roll the dice (or choose a paper from the bowl) and remove that number of items from the bowl. Continue until the bowl is empty.  The person with the most items wins!
Gross Motor with a Ball: (large or small ball)
Try these:
1. Sit in a circle, or opposite one another if only two playing.
Call the person's name that you aim to roll the ball to and roll the ball!  
2. Stand up and roll the ball from a standing position, leaning forward, place the ball close to the ground and roll (easier for the children:)
3.  Standing a few feet away from one another, call the person's name you aim to throw at, and then throw- underhand. 
4. Continue, this time with one bounce. 
5. If more people join in, play 'piggy in the middle' where the person in the middle tries to catch the ball as it is thrown between the people on either end. 
6. Place a garbage can (or something similar/bucket?) a few feet away and try to throw the ball in.  
7. If you are using a large enough ball, have your child lay their chest on the ball with their hands on the ground, lift your child's legs (or feet) and have them try balance, using their hands as support. 
8. If you have a very large exercise ball, have your child sit on the ball, with their legs not touching the ground (can criss-cross legs) and hold your child's waist as you support them while moving them in circular movements - great for balance! You can also support their thighs (instead of their waist) while you do this.  


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