Learning at Home: May 28, 2020

Watch Morah Marisol read Sammy Spider's First Shavuot. 
The Sound today is 's'. S is for Sammy and for spider. Print the attachment for today's tongue-twister! 



Shapes, number and listening instructions.
Have your child draw an oval for Sammy Spider's body.  Have them draw a circle for Sammy Spider's head. Now add 4 legs on one side of his body and 4 legs on the other side of Sammy Spider's body. How many legs are there altogether?  On Shavuot we eat sweet fruit, as it is the festival of new fruits.  How many strawberries would Sammy like to eat? OK, make that number of strawberries. Would Sammy like an orange? Make one big orange for Sammy.  Oh, the orange is too big? Cut out the big orange (so you have one big orange circle). Now cut the orange in half.  How many pieces of orange are there now?  Is it still too big for Sammy to eat?  Now cut each orange half, in half again.  How many pieces of orange does Sammy have now? Sammy's mom is quite big, put two 1/4 pieces together - Sammy's mom can eat one half an orange all by herself.  Use the language as you talk about the concept of 1/2 and 1/4. 
Art - Torah Scroll (see two attachments for an idea of what you are making)
Making a Torah scroll craft-
Supplies needed:
  • 2 Paper towel tubes
  • Rolled Kraft paper or recycled paper grocery bags
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • White glue
  • Ribbon
If your paper towel tubes are wider than your paper, you'll need to trim the tubes down with scissors to the same width. You can also use recycled paper grocery bags instead of Kraft paper. If you are using a bag, cut the paper down the sides to open it up lengthwise. Trim the paper to the width of your tubes.
Apply white glue directly to one of the paper towel tubes.
Roll the top of the paper over the tube. Make sure it's lined up straight. Apply another line of glue onto the paper. Continue to roll until the paper completely covers the tube.
If you're using a roll of paper, spread the paper out so you have enough for the entire scroll. Trim it off the roll. Now, repeat the gluing process on the opposite side.
Once it dries, it can be decorated. Write a note or draw a picture of what the Torah means to your child. You can also add stickers.
Add a ribbon for the finishing touch. Roll each side towards the center and tie with a ribbon or string.
Please view attached pictures.
Gross Motor:
Indoor obstacle course.  Have your child help create a big obstacle course all around the house.  Start at the door and go over the chair, under the table, balance on the line (place a piece of tape on the floor), crawl to the other door, roll over the towel, jump from one cushion to the next, go around the box, and back again!


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