Learning at Home: May 5, 2020

Good Morning!
Watch Morah Sheryl readThe Adventures of Beekle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r79A8Kx-Iyk
Oobleck Recipe:

Materials: corn starch, water, food coloring, mixing bowl, measuring cups

1. Pour one cup of water into your mixing bowl. 
2. Add corn starch, 1/2 cup at a time and mix until the consistency is a very thick liquid. You will need to mix with your hands. It should be clumpy in the bowl, but when you pick it up it is gooey! 
3. Add food coloring of your choice! 
'oo' is for oobleck.  Tell your child 'when two o's are right next to one another it makes a new sound called oo.' Take a small piece of paper and write 'oo' in green. Then write all the consonants (all the sounds/lower case letters except the vowels) on small pieces of paper.  Have your child place the sounds, always with the 'oo' between two consonants (ex. book, look, nook, cook, coop, loop, ...) and encourage your child to sound out the word, or the adult reads the word.  Have fun making familiar, and some silly words!
Select a number (10) of similar items/toys that your child enjoys playing with (ex. cars, Lego's, stuffed animals, Barbies, books...) Tell a story to introduce the concept of 'take away'/ subtraction.
Place 5 (cars) in front of your child.  Ask: 'How many cars are here?' Then the adult drives two cars away and asks 'How many cars are there now?' You may count each remaining car, touching each car as you count 1,2,3. 
Then say.  'There were 5 cars parked at Stop and Shop. 2 cars drove away and then there were 3 cars remaining in the parking lot.' Continue with more similar stories so that your child gets the idea. (7 cars and three drove away...) Change the story slightly to keep it interesting - parked at Trader Joes... Or 8 Barbie dolls were sitting on the couch, 2 went to the kitchen, how many are still sitting on the couch?  There were 6 books in a pile on the floor, I put one on your bed to read later, how many books are left in the pile?  Learning is fun if you make it fun!
Make a poster to show your love and thanks - to ALL the essential workers, family members and neighbors. Make it bold and bright; decorate it with hearts and rainbows, flowers, superheroes, crowns and stars.  Whatever makes you happy will make others happy too! Post it on your front door or on your mailbox for all to see. 
Gross Motor:
It seems a nice enough Spring day to go for a short car ride and/or a walk in search of treasure... Elisa's dad, Josh, introduced me to Geocaching.  Look it up and try it out! https://www.geocaching.com/guide/
This can be a family experience and enjoyed by all ages, including preschoolers.  Before you begin your first adventure, practice at home -  hide small toys around your garden and encourage your child to look for them, giving clues along the way (ex. Go to the big tree.  Take two big steps forward, look behind the rock.)


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