LEARNING FROM HOME: March 31, 2020

Hi everyone!

Today is Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (in case you are like me and need a reminder). Here's what's in store for today:
Morah Sheryl is reading one of her favorites  'Officer Buckle and Gloria'
Then make your own 'safety notes' as follows...
Make up some safety 'rules' for your toy baby/animals and write them on a paper and place them around the house.  For younger children, ask your child what the rule should be (ex. do not run while you eat) and write it down.  You can ask your child what he hears when you say 'run' Emphasize the 'r' as you say the word.  For children that are starting to write, have them write all or some of the words (or some of the letters).  Place the 'safety rules' all around the house and have the baby/toy animal go around the house and pretend to read the notes.  
Art (extension of 'sounds'):
Draw a picture of your favorite safety rule. Or draw a picture of Officer Buckle and Gloria (after watching the video, or after reading the story, if you have your own copy of this popular children's book). 
Count ALL your books.  Yes, all of them!  For younger children, take out a pile of books and lay them out on the floor. Have your child count them, adding to the pile as you count. Older children can keep on counting... see how many you have. Extension: Have your child put ten books in a pile and see how many piles of ten you can make.  Then count by tens '10, 20, 30...100'
Morah Haley posted her science experiment, Lava Lamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JM085VkmB0
Ask your adult to help you make your own lava lamp. (See attachment)
Gross Motor:
Green light, red light game -
Another classic childhood game. Here are some parameters: 
- once your child understands that green means GO and red means STOP, add another “light color” to the mix. Such as Yellow means crawl like a snake. Orange means flap your wings light a bird. Blue light for jumping. 
(To help your child understand the directions, make signs with the colors you will use in the game and draw a picture of the movement to the color.) You will hold up green, and your child will walk forward,  then hold up orange, your child will flap her wings and move forward until red is held up and your child will STOP moving. Then hold up green GO, and blue (child jumps) until you hold up red STOP.  
Get it? Go!


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