Boker Tov! Good Morning!
Reminder to join our Shabbat Zoom meeting today at 10am.
Watch Morah Marisol talk about the parsha and also read How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box, by Linda Heller
Kindness Art:

Kindness necklace- 


Colored paper




Cut the paper into strips. Talk to your child about examples of kindness. Ask them to think what they have done to show kindness. Write down one example of kindness to each strip of paper. Once you are done, tape or glue the ends onto the other strip to create a necklace. 


More Art, and Good Words:

Garden of good manners


4 pieces of construction paper in different colors or 4 different colored crayons




Flower templates



The idea is that we are planting flowers into our good manners garden that also show kindness and respect to others. You can use the list provided or use your own that is an example of good manners. This is a suggested word list: thank you, pleaseexcuse me and sorry.

After reviewing each of the words with your child, ask them which ones they feel is important. You decide if you want to make flowers for all of the words or only the ones your child has chosen. 

Option 1: print the image of the sunflower twice and the image of the tulip twice and write a different word on each flower. Have your child color the flowers.

Option 2: trace the template onto each piece of construction paper to equal the number of words that you chose. Write one word on each flower. If your child is able, they can cut out each flower if not you may want to complete this step for them.  

Glue the completed flowers onto another piece of paper to display your child’s garden of good manners. Inform your child that these flowers will serve as a reminder of how to be kind and respectful.



'sh' words. Sh for Shabbat.

Tell your child that a 's' and a 'h' right next to each other make a sound called 'sh.' Write sh at the top of the page and list all the things that start with sh. Your child can write or you can write the words for your child. (Shabbat, shell, ship, shark,...)

Show your child a photo frame and ask what they see.  You can talk about the picture.  Then draw attention to the frame itself.  Point to the sides and ask your child to touch and count the sides (with you).  Then ask if the sides are all the same size (length).  If they are, ask what shape the frame is. If it's a rectangular frame, ask your child 'which side is the longest?' Draw attention to '2 long sides and 2 short sides,' Extension: Point to a corner and ask if they know what that is called. Count the number of corners.  Locate two more frames and ask: 
'What shape is this frame?'
How many sides altogether?
Point to the long sides. How many long sides?
How many short sides?
How many corners?
Place all three frames besides one another and ask which is the biggest frame?  Which is the tallest frame? Which is the widest frame? 
(Your child may want to make their own frame and draw themself inside the frame. )
Gross Motor:
Musical movement: 
Watch Morah Dawn and follow along with all the movements to the IMAGINE song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0pupgYzzy8
Chant and jump:
Using an empty toilet roll with some yellow/ orange (tissue) paper stuck in the top as the flame, chant this as you jump over the candlestick:
Jack (insert your child's name) be nimble
'Jack' be quick
'Jack' jump over 
the candlestick!
(If you want, make a second candle to use as you 'light' the Shabbat candles.)

Let's light up the world, one little light at a time.  Join me as we light the Shabbat candles tonight and welcome peace, tolerance, understanding, comfort, compassion and love to those in our household, our family, friends, neighbors, essential workers in New Haven, and around the world.

Shabbat Shalom, with love and peace!


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