March 15-19, 2021

This week we continued our discussions on Pesach! The children are well versed in the story of King Pharoah and Moses. We even learned a new song:
“When Moses was, when Moses was,
A little boy, a little boy,
He floated down, he floated down,
The River Nile, the River Nile,
Pharoah’s daughter, Pharoah’s daughter,
Saw him lying there, saw him lying there,
Playing with, playing with,
A teddy bear, a teddy bear”
The children know this song very well! It’s very cute to watch them do the hand motions... ask your child to sing it with you.
We were very busy! We created marble paintings of Elijah’s cup, popsicle stick locusts, coffee filter frogs, and easel painting frogs! (We are starting to incorporate art work to represent the plagues).
Cutting with scissors is a favorite activity lately. We will try and send home all the clippings so your child can show you “their work”.
We flew to Europe this week and we got our passports stamped at Customs.  The kids enjoyed this activity.  We discussed Europe and some European countries.  Next week we plan on flying to Africa.  The kids are very excited to travel the world.   We celebrated Paige's 4th birthday.  We did a Montessori celebration walk around the sun for her.  She was happy and beaming.  Happy birthday Paige!!! The Sound of the Week was Nn.  We read the Nicest Newt.
The children have been busy with a plethora of activities related to the Passover story. They have enjoyed the plagues card matching game, filled four cups with “wine” for the seder (over and over), glued 6 or more legs on their fly craft, assembled a frog with a tongue that rolls, colored and pasted “boils” on a picture and more.


We're full swing into Passover preparations; painting depictions of the plagues at the easel, decoupaging six small containers that make up the seder plate, and fabric painting the Afikomen bags.  Activities to strengthen fine motor hand control are incorporated into artwork - the aim of the activity is oftentimes the fine motor practice, not necessarily the creativity involved. This week the children traced around their hands and cut out 'frog feet' which they glued onto their painted plate frog body. We took the occasion of this Spring holiday of Passover, with the frog plague, to learn about amphibians, paying attention to frogs. They lay eggs, have two ways to breathe, have a slimy body, and go through metamorphosis. Ask your child for clarification. 
We included this little Passover frog song:
One morning when Pharoah woke in his bed 
There were frogs on his bed and frogs in his bed
Frogs here, frogs there, frogs are jumping everywhere!
The children enjoyed participating in the order of the plagues, as they demonstrated each one by holding up their paper drops of blood, toy frogs, lice (flies), sheep and cows, wild animals, locusts and dark glasses...
We learned the 10 Plagues song: (to the tune of Michael Finnegan)
Dam, Tzvardeah, kinim, arov, 
Dever, Shechin, barad, arbeh,
Choshech -  makat b'chorot!
These are the 10 makot.
Keshet students enjoy their own gym class: this week they played sharks and minnows with Coach Oren - taking turns to be the shark and tagging the minnows. Five year olds run pretty fast, especially when chased by a shark, necessitating breaks between shark runs, and water breaks upon return to the room, all sweaty and ready for a science lesson. 
We talked about the last two planets this week.  We painted Uranus and Neptune.  We will finish up completing their mobiles next week.  The kiddos are super proud of all their hard work in making these mobiles.   We had a lot of fun doing this project together.  
We finished up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children were SO excited to each receive a Golden Ticket! Ask about the story. 
See this week's photo's here


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