March 17, 2020

Hello Tuesday!
Have your child watch Morah Lana and her dog, Shea on this youtube video (Shea was more co-operative on the first 'video' which turned out to be only a photo.  Oh well!)  
Art: A dog collage: Provide your child with multiple colors of construction paper. Talk about the different shapes that you can cut (or have child cut if able to use scissors). Rectangle, triangle, circle, square. Use additional vocabulary such as large, small, short, fat, thin when describing the type of dog they would like to make. Invite your child to glue or tape the pieces together to “create” their pet dog!

Sounds:'d' is for dog, and for dad, and for dot. d,d,d is what you get, from letter 'd' of the alphabet. Write a big 'd' on paper and have your child trace around it, starting with the circular part as if you were writing 'a' (say..*.'round, all the way up and down on the line'). place some rice (grains or beans) on a tray or plate and have your child 'write' 'd' in the rice.  Repeat these instructions*
Then... don't throw out the rice! Use it for the next activity...
Number: You may want to transfer the rice to a rectangular container, or shoebox. Give your child a teaspoon, and cup measures (cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup) and let them play.  Ask older children to guess how many teaspoons of rice will fill the smallest cup?  Then count as they spoon rice into the 1/4 cup. 'Guess how many will fill the 1/2 cup?  Then have them count and see if they were correct.  Ask: Which cup is bigger?  Which is the smallest? Can you give me the cup that is a little bigger?  Give me the cup that is the smallest.  Have them write the number if they can.  You can practice writing numbers if appropriate.  
Gross Motor: Ask your child to do the yoga pose 'downward dog.' If they don't remember, have them place hands on the ground about shoulder width apart. Place feet closer together about three feet away from their hands and then lift the body to create an inverted V. Lift your child by the hips and have them 'wheel barrow walk,' balancing on their hands. Support your child as much as is required. If your child can do this comfortably, hold them lower down on their thighs, or even by their feet.  See how many 'steps' they can take on their hands. If this is too challenging, have your child crawl around like a puppy, then pretend to drink from a bowl, wiggle their 'tail.'  
Watch Morah Nicole read a story 'Nat the Cat' on Youtube
Enjoy all the activities and have a happy day!
From all the teachers at Ezra Montessori Preschool


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