May 16-20, 2022


Spring has finally sprung! On Monday we arrived to see all of our butterflies out of their chrysalides and flying around the butterfly garden.  We enjoyed watching them flap around and practice flying before we released them.  We enjoyed holding some of them before they flew off into the world.  Check out the awesome pictures!  


On Monday, we also spent time on the playground watching the Keshet kids clean the garden and it inspired us to do some spring clean up on the playground as well.  We collected lots of old leaves and some dirt and scooped them up and loaded them into a big bag.  We love taking pride in how clean our playground looks.  

We introduced the sound “g” this week focusing on garden and grow. Our sound basket is filled with a gorilla, glasses, goblet and a goat.  We felt the sandpaper letter as well as played what’s missing with all of the objects.  Everyone is joyfully participating in this game and figuring out what is missing.  

As the week progressed we talked about the holiday of Lag B’Omer.  We enjoyed reading the stories A Holiday for Ari Ant and Sadie’s Lag B’Omer Mystery.  We talked about the things you can do on Lag B’Omer and a bit of why we celebrate the holiday.  Thursday was Lag B’Omer but the weather did not cooperate for an outdoor picnic so we postponed our celebration until Friday.  Friday we joined the rest of the Montessori classes outside.  The Keshet class built a beautiful “bonfire” and we all laid out our picnic blankets around it and sang songs.  It was also so special that we got to celebrate Shabbat all together as well!  It was so wonderful to sing Shabbat songs and do all the brachot (blessings) as a whole socially distanced group.  We then enjoyed a wonderful picnic snack of challah, grape juice and watermelon to celebrate both Shabbat and Lag B’Omer.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!


We started the week with excitement - some of our Pink Lady butterflies were flying around their butterfly habitat when we arrived at school on Monday! We fed them a slice of orange and waited another day for the last two to emerge from their chrysalis. We all went outside and watched as they flapped around and flew from the ‘habitat’ up and away - bye bye butterflies! 

We started a unit on Birds and have some beautiful pictures of American birds to pair together.  

We’ll continue this unit next week. 

Alim Judaics - We continue to count the Omer and have learned how to count in the 30’s (Shloshim) and were super excited that we reached Lag B’Omer.  We’ve read a couple great books about the holiday - ‘A Holiday for Ari Ant’ and ‘ Sadie’s Lag B’Omer Mystery’ where we learned that this holiday is celebrated by reading Torah stories, having picnics with family and friends and enjoying singing songs around a campfire.  We loved celebrating together today with all of our  Pre-K friends ‘outside’ sitting around a pretend campfire, singing Israeli songs.  

Alim Yoga - We enjoyed a Yoga break acting out the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar & the Life cycle of a Butterfly through Yoga.  Ask your child to show you - how to get into an Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis & Butterfly pose.  


In the midst of Spring we are learning about flowers, the parts of the flower, and how flowers grow.  We spent time in our garden, pulling weeds and cleaning the flower beds and barrel containers.  We planted Gladioli bulbs amidst the tulips and daffodils, and are watching and waiting for our Coreopsis to bloom. The strawberry plants from years back are growing and now have little blossoms. We planted sugar snap peas and cherry tomato plants.  

We are on the 34th day now on the Counting of the Omer, from Passover to Shavuot, and read books relaying the story of Lag B’Omer. On Thursday it was raining, so we postponed our celebration to Friday and celebrated twice! Once with the Montessori preschoolers for a Shabbat AND Lag B’Omer pretend campfire sing along, and again in the afternoon when we joined our older Ezra teammates and competed in the 2022 Ezra Lag B’Omer Games. What an exciting and fun way to close out the week!


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