May 2-6, 2022


We have had such an exciting week.  We worked hard to create a special gift for our Mom’s that we hope you enjoy!  We also spent the week talking about Israel and getting ready for and then celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut.  We made our own Israeli flags, read tons of books about Israel and sang songs.  Outside we enjoyed pretending we were floating in the dead sea and rubbed mud on ourselves before floating away.  We also enjoyed “climbing to the top of Masada” by going up the ramp of our climber and taking the “cable car” (slide) back down to the base of the mountain.  Thursday we all came in so excited for the parade and special lunch.  We joyfully joined the other classes singing Am Yisrael Chai, Kachol v’lavan, and an Israel trip as we marched through the halls of the school waving our flags.  We all enjoyed eating the pita and hummus for lunch and the “brave” tried the falafel.  Those that did really enjoyed them.  


We have been very excited to see how well our caterpillars are growing.  They have gotten so big and have started climbing to the top of our cup and are starting to hang down.  We are excited that they are about to enter their next phase and build their chrysalis around themselves.  The children are predicting that when we get back to school on Monday we will see many chrysalis hanging.  Let’s see if their prediction is correct.  


Friday we enjoyed Yoga and had a great time rolling around like falafel and pretending to fly like an El-Al airplane.  We enjoyed starting Shabbat together, especially singing together in our circle.  Have a great weekend.


Yoga Yeladim (Garinim, Alim & Keshet) -  Morah Sherri taught Yom Ha’Atzmaut Yoga for Pre-K & Keshet classes on Friday.  We enjoyed rolling like falafel balls, and circling our arms as we revved up our engines to ‘fly to Israel’ ! With ‘Yummy Yoga’ - we traveled across the world on our mats-  lying in the opposite direction, to roll ourselves up in our mats like cannolis, crepes, burritos, sushi rolls and falafel balls and bagels as we flew on our mats to Italy, France, Mexico, Japan & Israel. 

  • Keshet practiced a Warrior pose sequence for our Israeli soldiers while listening to the Maccabeats song, ‘HOME’. 

We then rested in our peaceful gardens while listening to ‘Hatikva’ -finding stillness,  imagining we  were lying on the beaches of Tel-Aviv and Eilat listening to the waves, and imagining we were in the Old City of Jerusalem listening to the sounds of prayer. 



The Caterpillars have been growing in the classroom.  The children are monitoring their growth every day when they come to school. They have doubled in size since last week.  We started a Planting Unit this week.  All the kids had an opportunity to plant some flower seeds in the soil.  They really enjoyed the process of planting and are looking forward to the flowers growing in the classroom.   We will be taking care of the seeds every morning with a little water and attention.  (Cross fingers that the seeds sprout).  This week we celebrated Yael and Emily K’s birthdays.  The children were so happy to help celebrate with them.  We did the Montessori Celebration for both girls and everyone wished them a special wish at the end of the celebration.  Mother’s Day gifts went home this week.  I hope all the Moms have a very nice weekend with their children. 


Alim Judaics  We continue to count the Omer every morning and are learning how to say the teen numbers in Hebrew (shlosh esre).  We created our own Israeli flags for our Yom Ha’Atzmaut parade on Thursday and enjoyed learning a few new songs about Israel.  The Israel Song was a hit as we acted out ‘packing up, zipping up our bags and flying on a Jumbo Jet to Israel’. We learned that Israel’s flag colors are blue & white.  We marched with our flags while singing,  ‘Kachol V’Lavan’/ Blue & White,  Am Yisrael Chai,  David Melech Yisrael… 


Alim Shabbat -   It’s an Israeli Shabbat -  singing and rejoicing to Debbie Friedman’s ‘Happy Bday Israel’ song and ‘Kachol V’Lavan’ and Maccabeats ‘Home’ song. We read, My cousin Tamar lives in Israel and learned how she celebrates Shabbat and all the Jewish holidays in Israel.  Lylah & Sahar were the Shabbat helpers, leading us in saying our Shabbat prayers over the candles, wine and challah.



Israel and Mothers Day were both highlights this week. We won’t say here what we did for the moms, but do wish you a Happy Mother’s day on Sunday! 

We played games and read stories about the sights and sounds of Israel, highlighting certain cities: TelAviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Eilat, and the bodies of water: Mediterranean, Kinerest, Dead Sea and Red Sea. We had a huge map of Israel and labeled it in both English and Hebrew. We sewed Israeli flags and then enjoyed waving them as we paraded through the Ezra hallways on Yom Ha’atzmaut, singing all the Israel songs we know. We tried the falafel lunch on Thursday and most thought it was ‘ta’im m’od’ (delicious)! After lunch Keshet kids joined the older grades in an ‘escape the room’ experience, held outdoors. They loved interacting with the big kids and were engaged and excited participants within their teams. 

On Wednesday we celebrated Molly’s 6th journey around the sun - Happy Birthday Molly! 


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