May 3-7, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

We hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day surprise.

We read “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?”

We also learned a new song:
“I love you, you love me,
We’re a happy family.
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
Won’t you say you love me too?”

This week we continued our theme of gardening, planting, and insects.

We read the very hungry caterpillar and talked about how a caterpillar starts as a very tiny egg and then out pops the caterpillar! Next, it forms a cocoon around itself and will stay there for 14 days! Finally, out pops a beautiful butterfly!

We started making our paper towel roll caterpillar’s.
We had two birthday celebrations this week.  Happy birthday to our classmates Gidon and Molly!
This week the children were introduced to parts of a flower.  There are booklets available for them to complete. We continued to travel the world, and we took a trip to Antarctica.  This is a very cold continent.  We discussed that no one lives there and only scientists go there to learn about the continent. We talked about the wildlife that is there.  Also, that the majority of Antarctica is covered by a permanent sheet of ice.  We have officially travelled to all the continents in the world.  Our passports are stamped.  It was a fun adventure for everyone in the class. Oh, and on Friday our first butterfly emerged from the chrysalis!  Two others followed a few hours later! 
We worked on special Mother's Day gifts this week.  The children were so happy and excited to do this for their moms.  
The children enjoyed making beautiful pictures of צבעוני (Tulips) for our letter of the week צ. As we continue the omer count, we also continue to learn about behaviors that may hurt other children’s  feelings. One of these is tattling. We discussed the difference between tattling to report a wrongdoing if someone will be hurt versus tattling to get a friend into trouble. 
We celebrated Gavriel's 5th Birthday in class on Monday with his ima and aba joining us via Zoom. Happy Birthday Gavriel!
Mother's Day is fast approaching and we love our mom's!  Thanks for placing your wonderful children in our care - we love them too! 
Everyone has a mom, and we've been exploring that with stories; animal stories (animals names in Hebrew too), generational stories about daughters, mom's, grandmothers, great grandmothers... including, The Keeping Quilt, by Patricia Polacco. Enjoy your special day on Sunday!
The weather is warmer, kind of, and apparently April showers brings May flowers, so we are exploring flowers, a variety of flowers that grow in Connecticut, and a few that grow elsewhere, from roots to stem, calyx, corolla, pistil, stamen and the transfer of pollen. We very carefully looked at a Stargazer lily, a wonderful specimen to demonstrate 'parts of a flower'. The children learned that plants require water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to grow, and that they provide us with much needed oxygen. 
Sunflower, sunflower yellow and round,
You are the prettiest flower I found
Tall and straight
Full of grace
I love the smile on your bright yellow face!
Varieties of flowers were divvied out, in varying quantities, and the children sorted, counted and made number stories (addition and subtraction). Last week we measured each child's height and then measured the length of numerous items in the classroom. This week I brought in a floor scale and weighed each child.  Some were delighted to weigh the most ;) The excitement was palpable and so I put aside the planned activity, and encouraged the children as they selected items from all around the room, weighed them and estimated the weights in terms of 'so light they barely register on the scale,' to a pile of books weighing 10 lb's!
We explored 'wh' words and noted that many of these are question words: what, why, when and where. The children work with me in reading groups, and keep busy with group activities in between. Reading BINGO games, Pink sentence strips (phrases), and writing prompts. 
In Keshet art this week  the children continued with their clay sculptures, learning to score the clay, roughing the clay with a plastic fork and smoothing two pieces together with fingers dipped in water. 
Keshet kids are working in our garden; with garden gloves and seed packages they planted sunflower seeds in a sunny spot and rows of carrots in a container planter. Our kale and parsley plants are growing indoors and will be transferred to our outdoor pots next week. Gardening with children can be very rewarding and gives youth insight into where food comes from. Also, it teaches children valuable life skills like responsible and caring for something. I told the children that they need to have patience and allow time for our seeds to grow.  
Enjoy this week's photos here


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