November 11-14, 2019

We collected an assortment of Autumn leaves, some evergreens, pine needles and wild grass and used some for painting at the easel (instead of brushes) and used others for clay rubbings.  These, along with sewing large buttons onto small pieces of fabric with a sharp needle took up much of the morning!  
On Tuesday Riley and Rebecca were very excited to celebrate their fourth birthday with their mom and dad and all their Montessori friends.  The brownies and cupcakes made for an enticing after lunch treat, and I think everyone finished their lunch that day! Followed by not much after lunch napping.
Tuesday's gym class was loads of fun playing 'Blob Tag.' One child started as the 'blob' while everyone else ran in all directions.  Once tagged, they joined the 'blob' which grew and grew as the game continued.
 We have been talking about the pilgrims leaving England (ask your child why the pilgrims decided to leave England) and boarded The Mayflower to travel for three months across the ocean to a new land.  This story, which we shall continue, made for an interesting yoga class with 'The Mayflower' pose, King James pose, and introduction to man, woman, child pose and happy baby (or in this case, not so happy baby, as time on the cramped ship in sometimes stormy weather was not so much fun).  
At lunch the children were using their Hebrew names to address one another, so sweet.  Oh, almost forgot, Li'on and Tal joined us on Wednesday and introduced the Hebrew words 'cham' (hot) and 'kar' (cold) and we played 'finding the Israeli flag' which the group hid while Tal and one volunteer at a time waited in the hallway.  The child then walked around the room as the others called out 'cham' or 'kar' as (s)he approached or walked away from the flag.  They all wanted a turn! 
And those are the group activities, and the individual and small group lessons and activities continue through the day.  More about that during Parent-Teacher Conferences.  
On Monday, we discussed Veteran’s Day. We read a special book about the holiday and talked about what country we live in and the people that protect it and help keep us safe. The children really enjoyed the book, as it had many real life pictures of people in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, And the Coast Guard. The pictures of the Coast Guard boats, Navy submarines and Air Force jets were very interesting for our class. We created construction paper flags.

We also are talking about Thanksgiving. We made cornucopia’s with bingo dotters, complete with fruit and vegetables. We also learned a new song. “A turkey Tom meets a Turkey Mom and they waddle, waddle, waddle all day. A turkey Tom meets a turkey Mom and they waddle,  waddle, all day. Arm in arm, on the farm, they strut their merry way. A turkey Tom and a Turkey Mom waddle, waddle, waddle all day.“ We read the “First Thanksgiving “, “Thanksgiving Rules”, and “Thanksgiving at the Tappleton’s”.

This week we reviewed Parashat Vayera. Through the use of felt characters and board, we talked about Abraham and his hospitality. He welcomed three strangers to his tent and offered a place to relax and a feast to eat. We discussed foods that are only available during special times. Chocolate coins, bananas, and strawberries were named as special treats. We continued the story by discovering that those “strangers” were coming to visit Abraham to tell him that he and Sarah would finally have a baby the following year. The story was followed up with a tent craft where the children glued on figures to represent Abraham, Sarah, and baby Isaac. 

In the classroom, we continue to busy ourselves with easel painting, letter sounds and recognition, the emergence of letter writing, and math grouping and sequencing. The children are always willing to accept new challenges and we are eager to see them continually grow.

Next week, we plan on making vegetable/Potato soup. Thank you to those that have signed up to help us with our cooking project. There are still some items that we are in need of, if anyone else would like to sign up. 
Friday, November 15 - No school, Faculty Professional Development Day
Wednesday, November 27, Erev Thanksgiving, noon dismissal (no lunch)
Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving, no school
Friday, November 29, Thanksgiving, no school
Wednesday, December 18, Chanukah production, 7pm
Thursday, December 19, Chanukah production snow date
Monday, December 23-Wednesday, January 1, Winter break, no school
Thursday, January 2, back at school 
Please see this week’s photo’s here
Morah Lana, Morah Sheryl, Morah Nicole, Morah Marisol and Morah Haley


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