November 18-22, 2019

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving... We continued with the story of the voyage on The Mayflower, followed by hardship experienced in the New Land and meeting the Wampanoag, who were living in the area at the time.  The Pilgrims met Squanto (Yellow Feather) and learned how to catch fish with a sharpened branch (spear) and how to plant corn by placing a fish in the hole with a corn kernel.  The children love dramatization and follow along, including introducing themselves to  Squanto by shaking his hand and telling him where they are from - England, though some answered 'Israel.' The Pilgrim children played marbles, taking turns to group marbles together and then measure out footsteps to show the other child where to stand before rolling their marble to try knock the formation over.
We baked pumpkin bread which was delicious, hopefully your child shared what they brought home. 
In keeping with this theme, the popular feathery turkey collages adorn the hallway, on the bulletin board.
The Ezra 5th and 6th graders returned from their four day outdoor adventure (TEVA) and visited each classroom with a 'take-away' from that experience.  The children that visited the Montessori preschool (on Tuesday) shared a song about recycling and left us with a large recycling container to collect our 'hard plastic' lunch recyclables like apple sauce and yogurt containers.  The children are now rinsing out their containers and adding them to the plastic recycling collection.
On Wednesday Morah Marisol shared with us the Torah story of the week, Chaya Sarah, and the children participated as Abraham, his son Isaac, Eliezer who went on the journey to find a wife for Isaac and returned with Rebekah!  Rebekah was chosen as she offered water from the well to Eliezer and ALL his thirsty camels.  She was very kind and caring - great virtues.
Adorable school pictures arrived today with information for ordering online.  The rest is up to you!
Our theme continues to be Thanksgiving. We talked about the Thanksgiving story of the very first Thanksgiving that took place between the pilgrims and Native Americans. At “news” during group time, the children took turns telling their friends what they were thankful for. Some were thankful for the moms that buy Transformers and others said they were thankful for Paw Patrol :) We read “Gus the Pilgrim Turkey”, “The Thanksgiving Story”, “5 Little Turkeys”. The children created turkey tracks with a special fork dipped in paint to create “tracks”, and then glued on colored feathers. The children were also busy making paper turkeys complete with googly eyes! We learned the Turkey Hokey Pokey. “You put your wing in, you take your wing out, you do the Turkey Pokey and turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about! We continued each verse replacing the main word with drumstick, stuffing, tail feathers, and then finally putting your whole turkey body in (to the tune of the Hokey Pokey).

We made potato soup on Wednesday, and ate it for snack on Thursday! Everyone helped with the peeling and slicing of potato, carrot and onion. Every child had a role in preparing our soup from stirring the broth to helping put out the bowls and spoons. We read “Stone Soup” in honor of this activity.

We had another felt board Parashat story about when Abraham searches for a wife for his son, Isaac. Eliezer is given the task to find a wife and brings 10 camels, gifts and jewelry for the bride. Eliezer returns with Rebekah whom Isaac marries. We extended this story by providing “camels” in the water table with a cup to give them a drink, and creating a classroom mural of sponge painted camels.

There has been a rising interest in recognizing our first names and beginning to write the letters (especially the first letter in our names). We have put laminated cards with each child’s name out on a tray that is located on our language shelf. The children know they can find their name there when they would like to put it out on their mat to show their work, or to try and practice their letters. This has been very popular as of late, and we are proud of this emergent skill—even though not consistent with every child every time, it is very much around us.

We thank everyone that contributed to our cooking activity (potato soup). We would also like to have a Thanksgiving feast for the children  on Wednesday of next week. If you would like to contribute to our feast, please see our sign up sheet outside of our door. Also, just a friendly reminder that it is getting very cold out and we will play outside on our playground most days. Please send a hat and mittens in to school with your child. 
Wednesday, November 27, Erev Thanksgiving, noon dismissal (no lunch)
Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving, no school
Friday, November 29, Thanksgiving, no school
Wednesday, December 18, Chanukah production, 7pm
Thursday, December 19, Chanukah production snow date
Monday, December 23-Wednesday, January 1, Winter break, no school
Thursday, January 2, back at school 
Please see this week’s photo’s here
Morah Lana, Morah Sheryl, Morah Nicole, Morah Marisol and Morah Haley


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