November 4-8, 2019

Our Shabbat Box is now in rotation! Once or twice this year your child will bring home the Montessori Shabbat Box, filled with everything/ the symbolic items you may use for a special Shabbat, along with our friendly little school Panda - sorry, dinner not included!  The children are all eager for their turn, but we are rotating through all the children so you may not see this special box for some time.  This week we painted the Shabbat Box challah cover and stitched a decorative edge, and Garinim children have started making the candlesticks which should be ready next week.  We are reading stories about hibernation, including Canadian geese and Monarch butterflies flying South, and snakes, chipmunks, bears and squirrels all getting ready for the cold months ahead.  As the leaves are still falling, the children are enjoying trying out the oil pastel Autumn color leaf drawings, including blending and shading.  Also popular this week are the paper cutting, hole punching and bead threading activities, which MAY BE TAKEN HOME! So many of the activities we do are process orientated and are created and enjoyed at school but just like a puzzle is created , taken apart and created too is much of our work and you don't get to see tangible items coming home. 
With voting happening this week in many towns all over the country, we too took our turn casting our vote.  We had two sugar pumpkins in our classroom and voted on what was to become of them; pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie?  The children went into their own voting 'booth' and used the pencil to color in either the soup or the pie outline before posting it into the voting bag.  We counted the votes one by one and in the end, as close at it was, we were to be baking Pumpkin pie!  The children took part in scooping out the seeds, washing and drying them and munching the roasted seeds at snackitme.  The pie we made on Thursday morning and most of the children loved it, some asked for more and some agreed to try one seed.  One comment was...'I loved the pumpkin pie but it wasn't the best thing I have ever eaten.'  We'll take that.   
In case you remember this one, we have been chanting:
30 days have September, April, June and November
All the rest have 31, except for February alone
Which has 28 days and 29 each leap year.
This week we were all about pumpkins. We carved out a pumpkin so that we can observe all the different parts. We learned that pumpkins grow on a vine on the ground and not in a tree! We learned it has a stem, an outer shell, ribs, pulp and seeds. The children helped scoop out the insides of the pumpkin and feel the squishy innards. We did separate and wash the seeds with the intent of baking them, but were not able to complete that baking project. The children created a pumpkin collage, a bagged pumpkin, a pumpkin at the easel, and were able to dig through hay and gourds in our sensory table.

Morah Marisol brought in a special circle activity, and the children took turns trying to create a circle while spinning the special wheel. 

We have been continuing our work with the letter sounds “b”, “c”, “m”, and “l”. The children will sound out the letter and then match the corresponding picture.

Special books we read were “A November “, and “From Pumpkin to Pie”.
Thursday, November 14 - Parent Teacher Conferences 5pm-8:30pm (reg day for children)
Friday, November 15 - No school, Faculty Professional Development Day
Wednesday, November 27, Erev Thanksgiving, noon dismissal (no lunch)
Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving, no school
Friday, November 29, Thanksgiving, no school
Wednesday, December 18, Chanukah production, 7pm
Thursday, December 19, Chanukah production snow date
Monday, December 23-Wednesday, January 1, Winter break, no school
Thursday, January 2, back at school 
Please see this week’s photo’s here
Morah Lana, Morah Sheryl, Morah Nicole, Morah Marisol and Morah Haley


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