October 11-15, 2021

Whew, this week has flown by.  We are settling more into our routine and really getting to know all the different personalities in the room.  During our group time this week we talked about how we can keep our bodies healthy.  We also enjoyed singing "If you are healthy and you know it" (to the tune of "If you are happy and you know it").  We added in lots of verses including, go for a walk, eat good food, wash your hands, take a drink, brush your teeth, get some rest, wear a mask, and more.  We had several new practical life activities out this week that were quite popular.  We used a juicer to squeeze wet sponges and collected the water in a bowl, we used a whisk and soap and water to make bubbles and we added a small funnel to our pouring activity.  This group loves water work!  We also spent time with different puzzles and the magnet dancer and clothing was quite popular as well.  We had markers and playdough out in the art area this week and the children loved the addition of straw pieces to the playdough.  On Friday we started to wind down from our week and had a lovely Shabbat snack together.  We are looking forward to starting to learn about autumn next week.
On Monday, the classroom transformed to the color GREEN.  We discussed what two colors make the color green. The children were shown some fun green ART activities.  Also, the children were shown new Practical life activities.  In Practical Life there was a new polishing work demonstrated…care of glasses.  The children had to be very careful and use gentle hands to polish them.  Also, a whisk work was shown.  The children mixed dish soap and water together …..then whisked it together to make bubbles.  This was super popular.  The Sound of the Week started this week.  Every week from now on we will focus on one sound at a time as a group and do fun activities with that sound. This week we focused on the sound “Hh”.  We read an Alphatale book called Hide and Seek Hippo.  There were writing extensions that the children could do to practice the formation of the Upper and lowercase letter ”Hh”.  Then we switched over to Zoom. Thank you to all the parents and students for understanding the safety measures for everyone.  Thanks for joining us for 'morning meeting' on Zoom.  I know it's difficult for some parents to get online with their children.  I hope the activities that were sent home kept the kiddos a little busy. I hope you enjoyed the Yoga Zoom with Morah Sherri and the videos that Morah Dawn recorded for our classroom.  Have a nice weekend.  


We have had an exciting and very busy week with lots of new introductions. We welcomed (Teacher) Zane to our Keshet class and we're so happy that he's part of our group! The students were introduced to their new math workbooks and after a group lesson, very eagerly sat down to cut, paste, compare and match pictures that were 'exactly the same' or 'not exactly the same because...' On the large dry erase board we are telling number stories with pictures, written numbers and number bars.  Another Math lesson included 'nine paint bottles lined up in a row' and as each child took their turn to roll the ball, the others recorded as number bonds how many paint bottles were knocked down.  Take a look at the papers that come home on Friday and ask your child to show you the number bond sheet. As we continue our exploration of 'The Globe of the World' (Planet Earth) we learned about Mexico through discussion and pictures, and colored the flag of Mexico. As we learn about the United States of America, and work on the large puzzle of our country, we started with Washington D.C. and with discussion of our current president, the White House, and the monuments,... Zane shared with us that he had lived in the area for a little while and worked at a school for deaf children. This discussion led to signing and Zane taught us how to count in sign language - so far we have learned numbers 1-7, and 0. 
We started our new chapter book, Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White, which we read at the end of each day. Ask your child how Fern landed up taking care of a little pig, and if the pig still lives with her. 
In Music with Morah Dawn we had a drum circle and they each got a chance to create their own rhythm by arranging rhythm notes into an order of their choosing. We would then all drum out the beats! I loved that they were trying to arrange repetitive rhythmic patterns and that they were following the tempo beautifully!
Friday concludes with Keshet Yoga with Morah Sherri.  This week the children enjoyed yoga outdoors, with yoga poses to the story of Noah's Ark. 
Shabbat Shalom!
Enjoy this week's pictures https://photos.app.goo.gl/DMfDB9D3vnq9hw2S8


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