October 18-22, 2021

We have had a wonderful week together.  We started learning about autumn and this week we focused on the leaves.  We learned that this season is also called fall, because all the leaves FALL down.  We enjoyed singing many fall songs this week including, "Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down. Autumn leaves are falling down, red, orange, yellow and brown" (to the tune of London Bridge is falling down) "Red leaves falling, red leaves falling, to the ground, to the ground. Autumn time is coming, Autumn time is coming, all around, all around" (to the tune of Frere Jacques). We were so busy with fall activities this week.  We had fun examining leaves with magnifying glasses, matching leaves and learning their names, and working on lots of fall art.  The children loved using sponges dipped in red, yellow and orange paint to make their own fall tree.  They also enjoyed using leaf stamps to decorate paper.  We used brown, red, orange, yellow and brown markers to decorate coffee filters cut out like leaves and then sprayed them with water to create a cool blended effect.  We also added tissue paper to contact paper to make another leaf craft.  Squeezing water out of sponges with a citrus press was again a popular activity along with water pouring and bean pouring.  On Friday we again settled in for Shabbat with a couple of Shabbat books and songs.  The children have really enjoyed learning Zum Gali Gali and more are singing along with us!  Next week we are excited to dive a little deeper into fall!
It was good to be back in the classroom with the children.  We continued the secondary color theme of green for this week.  The children enjoyed exploring different activities in Practical life and Art area.  The Sound of the Week was “Ff”.  We read the AlphaTale book Fifi’s Flute.  The children had corresponding worksheets with this sound offered to them. The Continents of the World lesson was introduced to the group.  The children were taught the Continent Song to help them remember the continent names.   There are fun activities that correspond with this work as well.  The kindness Jar is ALMOST full and I will send an email next week when we will do our “Show and Tell" as the reward for showing such nice manners in the classroom.  The kids are very excited about this.   Again, I will keep everyone posted with a notice in the lunch box and an email blast.  If your child wants to participate it must be a small item that they can carry in their backpack.  Thanks :)
Judaic lessons included:   a craft - We finished decorating our Kippot/Yarmulkes for Shabbat which we will wear every Friday.
We learned the color 'Green' - our color of the week - in Hebrew which is Yarok.  We then played 'Eye' Spy with my little eye and each student found something 'yarok' in the classroom.
We enjoyed 'Alef-Bet' Yoga where we learned to breathe in & out each letterby starting in child's pose, rising up to hero pose - sitting on our heels and exhaling back down to child's pose, while saying each hebrew letter one by one.  ( Try it ! ). We played 'Freeze dance yoga' striking alef-bet letter poses while dancing to Rabbi Joe Black's  'Aleph Bet Boogie'.  (Too much fun). 
Friday, we enjoyed celebrating Shabbat with a Dinosaur knocking at the door and 'Setting the Table for Shabbat'.   We read 'It's Challah Time!' and then learned how to 'braid' our challah dough together using play dough.  Shabbat Shalom!


We introduced 'the dictionary' - each student has their own personal copy which is kept in their cubbie and used daily as needed. Each morning, just after morning snack, the children write a story, practicing spaces between words, capital letter to start, and a period at the end of the sentence. The children are encouraged to sound out words, and refer to the sight word poster (which we add common sight words to as we go along) and/or ask for a word to be added to their dictionary. On Monday Zane brought in his viola, gave a lesson on the parts of the viola and then played for us. Monday's story prompt was 'the viola'. 

Number stories as part of our Math program is really fun as the students get to contribute to the 'story' and then work with clipboard and laminated 10-frames, creating the story in a tangible way. Right now we are demonstrating how number bonds and the 10-frame work, keeping it light and fun and leaving the children shouting for more.  
We are continuing with our lessons in geography, labeling the continents on our large continent puzzle, pin pricking each continent (working so carefully to perforate the continent outlines), and learning about the oceans. Morah Lana lived in South Africa with the very cold Atlantic Ocean on one side and the warmer Indian Ocean on the other side. The children love stories and ask such interesting questions. 
On Thursday we took cuttings from our Spider plant and placed them in individual cups of weak, cooled tea and we'll watch and see what happens.  One student excitedly commented that there were two 'spider things' on Thursday - the spider plant and the spider that we just 'met' in Charlotte's Web. 
See this week's pictures here https://photos.app.goo.gl/isNNch8epXYvsMf87


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