October 23-25, 2019

Anafim, and whole school activities:
Another short week at school... filled to the brim.  The children continue to choose their activities from color mixing, carrot peeling and slicing, letter formation, the 'Bank Game,' matching Autumn picture cards, collecting fall leaves and categorizing them, Autumn color games in Hebrew, and singing:
Autumn leaves are (falling down) x3
Autumn leaves are falling down
falling down
Leaves of red and (gold and brown) x3
Leaves of red and gold and brown
gold and brown.
I will rake them (in a pile) x3
I will rake them in a pile
in a pile.
I am jumping (in the leaves) x3
I am jumping in the leaves
in the leaves.
I am sitting (in the leaves) x3
I am sitting in the leaves
in the leaves.
We collected many leaves and recognized birch, oak, maple, dogwood, poplar and sassafras.  We read the story The Gift of the Tree, by Alvin Tresselt. A story about a great big Oak tree and how it is home for many animals and insects, each season, over many hundreds of years - from acorn, sapling, to a huge tree, and then, through the years, hot summers, stormy winters, a hurricane and even then, a home to some birds, insects, moss and eventually, new oak trees where the old Oak once stood.  After reading the story, outdoors, we noticed our stepping stones and counted the age of the largest one, one ring at a time.  If anyone has a truck and access to some tree logs that can be used as stepping stones (different heights and diameters are perfect), we could do with some new ones.  Ours are from last year and, just like the tree in the story, are becoming one with the woodchip on which they stand.  
On Wednesday we all meet with the Israeli emissaries, Tal and Li'on.  This week we played 'Yam v'Yabashah' (meaning sea and dry land) and the children jumped onto the rug when 'yabashah' was called out and 'stepped into the sea' (off the rug) with the mention of 'yam'. They also played a Hebrew version of musical chairs, and all enjoyed dancing around to the Hebrew music and quickly finding a chair to sit on when the music stopped.  
On Thursday we enjoyed music and sang songs loudly and very quietly as per the musical card instructions (p is quiet, pp, even quieter, f is loud andff very loud!)
Our theme this week was the story of creation. We talked about the 7 days and what G-d created on each day. So far, we have discussed the first 4 days of creation.  We began with light and darkness and the children painted the contrast at the easel with yellow and black paint. We also discussed the creation of water and land, trees and plants, and the sun, moon and stars. The children created a blue and green bingo dotter “world”, a collage of light and darkness with yellow strips of paper glued onto black paper, painted brown trees at the easel with real leaves, a sky and sea portrait with white painted corks, and a sun, moon and star collage with q-tip created stars. Please take a look at our collage outside on our bulletin board. We are beginning to sequence the days of creation for everyone to see. 

At the sensory table, we used land and H2O plastic forms in the table with water and eye droppers. The children used the eye droppers to gather water to squirt into the “lakes”. This was a very popular activity. 

We also acted out the story In Our Image, A Story of G-d’s Creations. After reading the story, the children were able to use props as we talked about the story. Our props included, trees, plants, stars, a moon, a sun, a fish, a bird, wild animals, plants, two figures for “birth of man and woman”, and a little blanket to include the day of rest. 
Friday, November 1 - Montessori Preschool Picture Day
Wednesday, November 6 - Parent Teacher Conferences 1pm-3:30pm (reg day for children)
Thursday, November 14 - Parent Teacher Conferences 5pm-8:30pm (reg day for children)
Friday, November 15 - No school, Faculty Professional Development Day

Please see this week’s photo’s here photos.app.goo.gl/SEnE4Xh4v2Ba6u2t7%u200B
Morah Lana, Morah Sheryl, Morah Nicole, Morah Marisol and Morah Haley


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