September 20-24, 2021

We have been so busy in Garinim.  The fall holidays keep coming and we have moved right along to learning about Sukkot.  We looked at lots of pictures of sukkot and then used blocks on the rug to build one together.  We also used popsicle sticks and green leaves to make our own sukkot on paper.  On Monday, Morah Wendy brought in a fort kit and we worked together to build a sukkah for our classroom.  We even added s'chach to the top!  We have loved having it in our classroom and many of the children have gathered inside to shake the lulav and etrog.  We have also been hard at work making our very own lulavim and etrogim.  We were so excited to make some sukkah decorations using cardboard cutouts of different fall objects that we wrapped up with yarn.  We have sung many songs about Sukkot but the class favorite seems to be:
To the tune of Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Take me out to the Sukkah
Take me out in the fall
Put some shchach (leaves, branches) on top of it
And decorations on to the wall
We will shake, shake, shake, the lulav
Along with the etrog too
And there’s one, two, three haddasim and four aravot.

This week has also brought out some new Montessori activities.  We are using a big sponge to transfer water between two bowls, learning to untwist and twist bottle tops, squeezing tongs to pick up pom poms and placing them in small wells of a paint tray and so much more.  Hope you all have a great rest of Sukkot!

This week the primary color was YELLOW. There were new ART activities and Practical Life activities that involved the color Yellow.  The children were busy working with the Montessori activities. I continued to assess the children one by one independently.  It's been so much fun getting to know them better. I started a unit on manners.  I have conversation cards that demonstrate different manners and the children have been enjoying this.  We will continue doing this activity next week as well.

The Alim class had so much fun this week learning about and celebrating Sukkot-  A few of us took a nature walk outside to find branches to create the S’chach or roof of our playground Sukkah.  We read The Skyhigh Sukkah - a beautiful story where a whole neighborhood and community helps to bring a Sukkah to a family living in an apartment building in the city . We created paper chains to decorate our sukkah and enjoyed acting out a short story about the Sukkot holiday through Yoga. Morah Sherri brought in a pop up Sukkah into the classroom for added fun and we read a book called ‘Let’s build a Sukkah’ and then learned a new song called ‘Let’s build a sukkah ‘ which was sent home with each child. It’s sung to the tune of ‘you are my sunshine’.   We celebrated Shabbat with 2 new helpers.  Shabbat Shalom!

We started the week with Sukkot discussion and decorations. Hope the pomegranate decoration made it into your sukkah! We collected schach (leafy branches for our playground sukkah) and each had a turn to hold and shake the lulav and etrog.  On Monday we celebrated Jakob's 5th birthday, zooming in with his mom and dad - Happy Birthday Jakob! We're learning about the decimal system and collecting quantities from the 'bank', refining fine motor control with activities including color mixing with tiny bottles, adding drops of color slowly to create new colors.  Each day is different and as a Montessori classroom affords the opportunity, the children work on activities that are interesting and exciting to them at the moment. The children are practicing writing, and today were very excited to write their own stories. They are all Kindergartners and working at their own pace, challenged with activities tailored specifically toward their needs - some are doing metal inset designs to reinforce pencil control, others are practicing writing their name on ruled lines (or a dry-erase board), while others are reading words and/or phrases and matching to corresponding cards, or reading little books. 
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