September 27-October 1, 2021

Whew, we made it to the end of the fall chaggim!  We are so looking forward to a full five day week next week.  This week we focused on Simchat Torah.  On Monday we discussed that on Simchat Torah we finish reading the Torah and start reading it again.  We had a parade around the room with stuffed Torah's as we sang "Torah, Torah".  We also had the chance to make our very own little scroll that we dressed up.  On Thursday we spent some time talking about the first story in the Torah, the creation story.  We read about what was created on each day and talked about how the 7th day was a day of rest and that this is now Shabbat.  We then each had a turn feeling the sandpaper number 7 and counting up to 7 as well.  We all have still really enjoyed trying out different puzzles and we have all been well challenged by screwing and unscrewing the tops of jars.  Some of our friends have spent a lot of time with this activity really working on mastering it. On Friday we all came together to celebrate Shabbat and begin to wind down from our week.  Happy Birthday to Bear who turns 3 on Sunday! Have a great weekend and get ready for all the fun of a 5 day week!
The color BLUE was placed throughout the classroom.  In the practical life area,  there were some new activities demonstrated.  A fun funneling work that involved transferring blue sand. The children really enjoyed this.   Also, another new work was called Lids and Containers. This work had an assortment of different containers the children practiced opening and closing.  This activity helps strengthen their fine motor skills.  Also, we continued our discussion on manners and social graces.  We started a Kindness Jar with Pom Poms in the classroom.  When there are random acts of kindness,  the teachers will place a Pom Pom in the jar and once the jar is full….there will be a fun reward for the children.
We celebrated Simchat Torah with a party for the Torah- singing and dancing.  We marched around our classroom holding our Torah's while singing 'Torah, Torah...' On Friday we learned about parasha Bereshit and read a story of how G-d created our world in six days and rested on Shabat Kodesh. We acted out each day of creation through yoga - sunrise, sunset and then celebrated Shabbat. 
On Monday we sang Sukkot songs all the way to the sukkah, and then enjoyed a breakfast snack in the sukkah, courtesy of the Ezra PTO. 
Tuesday we made our own little Torah's, depicting the story of Bereisheit (Genesis/Creation). The children were involved in creating their own little Torah, including some sanding, hammering and screwing in the crowns on the Torah poles.  They learned about the breastplate and the yad - ask your child to point to the Hebrew letters as they sing the Aleph-bet song. This was all completed in time to go home for Simchat Torah. Back at school on Thursday we learned more about the creation of the world - with emphasis on the Hebrew days of the week, recognised as the 'days of the week' on our daily calendar and weather board. 
The children have been playing BINGO in groups - sounding out the words on their turn. Lots of early reading happening in our classroom, and writing practice, of their names, and numbers. We will continue this as we work on further literacy and number activities. 
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