Week od Nov 16-20, 2020

This was our first virtual platform this week and it was nice to see our friends smiling faces on Zoom.  We sang our everyday songs: The Good Morning Song,  The 'Days of the Week' song,  The 'Months of the Year' song and 'What's the Weather?' song.  Also, we read a few books.  We read the book : In My Heart:  A book of Feelings  By Jo Witek.  This book beautifully demonstrated all types of feelings that children can have.  It was very warm hearted and sweet.  Also, The Rainbow Fishwas read.  This book had a simple message that sharing can make you feel happy. The Rainbow fish discovers that in sharing his scales to other fish,  not only did he bring a smile to others,  but he felt happy as well. There were PDF's sent home of different activities for the kiddos to do. 
Our letter of the week is Dalet and the color of the week is Lavan. The children were engaged in the parsha about Esau and Jacob. They learned that it's bad manners to eavesdrop. Rebecca overheard Isaac tell Esau that he would give him a special blessing after Esau prepared his beloved stew. They also learned that lying has consequences. Because Jacob lied to his dad about his identity, his dad gave him the special blessing instead of Esau. However, when Esau learned of this his relationship with his brother was negatively affected. An email was sent to the parents for a parshah related craft. The PDF sheet contained a sample of ingredients that the children could cut and glue onto their plates to make a "soup". We ended the week with a fun shabbat party. 
Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with that comes the story of Colonial times, the long trip across the ocean from England to the New Land - North America and more specifically,  Plymouth, MA. Ask your child why the Pilgrims left England, what they ate on the Mayflower, who they met when they got to the New Land.  We spoke about the food the Pilgrims ate, the Wampanoag people in North America who taught them how to spear fish and the best way to plant corn. The pilgrims learned how to hunt for deer, rabbit, bear... and turkeys, use as much from the hunted animal as possible, for food , clothing and including feathers for mattresses. We sang this turkey song:
'I'm a turkey big and fat, flap my wings and walk like that.  I'm a turkey big and fat and this is how I dance...
(Turkey in red (adom) goes waddle, waddle, waddle) x3
This is how we dance!
(Repeat for all colors, sometimes in English, sometimes in Hebrew.)
We played marbles, much like the Colonists did way back, and as Morah Lana did as a child in South Africa! We created a 'shai' (group of marbles created in a pattern) and counted the number of  steps according to the number of marbles used to build the 'shai'. The children each had a marble and took turns trying to roll the marble and knock over the marble formation. If you knock down the marbles, they're yours! 
On Wednesday morning the children were treated to a fun 'Pumpkin Patch Yoga' special by Morah Sherri, including toe yoga! 
Music with Morah Dawn this week- the children learned a song about all of our basic volume dynamics and also played a game adding up rhythms within measures to determine time signatures, and I couldn’t stump them! Both previous Mimi Award winners, Henry and Sasha, assisted with drumming the beats as we figured out the time signatures, and our new Mimi Award Winner for the week is Riley! 
This week in Math the children counted back from 10 to 0.  They were each given a pile of little squares which they arranged into rocket ships: a 10 rocket, a 9 rocket, an 8 rocket... counting back each time. For turkey day they each put together a paper turkey with assorted colored feathers.  Using number bonds, they counted the total number of feathers, took some away (recorded that number) and counted how many remained.  The language used is ex. 7 and 2 makes 9.  The children worked with clipboards and pencil, drawing circles and recording the number bonds.  
We began reading our chapter book The Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl and after lots of questions we acted out the first scenes. Also chanting the song/chant - modified to fit the story... 'My name is Mr. Bucket and I work in a toothpaste factory...' 
We continued our unit this week on the Internal Organs.  We went over the Digestive System.  We talked in detail about how this process works from the moment you start eating and how it travels through the body.  We talked about the esophagus,  the stomach,  the small and Large intestines and the rectum.  We learned about the function of the kidney and the bladder.  The children colored in images of these internal organs and glued them to their body outlines.  They are really enjoying this Unit.  


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