Week of February 1-5, 2021

This week was a shortened week with our snow and virtual learning day, but we were still very busy! We have two new friends, Pearl and Levi! Everyone has been very welcoming to their two new classmates.
This week and next will be Pet Week. Please bring in a picture of your pet, or a picture of a pet that your child would like to have. At circle time, we asked the children what pet they have at home. There were the answers we received:
Levi- Penny the dog
Zev-Freyja the dog 
Bear-a yellow bird 
Sophie-a piggie
Beau- a blue dog
The children also made bingo dotter pets. We enjoyed the deep snow in the playground this week-please be sure that your child has a hat and mittens in their cubby. Mittens seem to be a lot easier to put on the children than gloves :)
We blasted into Space this week in our Rocket Ship!!!!  We started the unit on the Solar System.  The children have learned a new Planet song that we continue to practice to help them remember the order and names of the Planets.   There are lots of fun Planet activities throughout the classroom. The Sound of Week was Aa.  The Alphabet book was called Abby the Astronaut.   The children have loved playing in the snow during our recess time this week.  I do recommend a second pair of mittens in case the first pair gets snow inside them.  
We used a lot of props for this week’s parashat. We designated a child as pharaoh by placing a crown on his head. Moses had a rod (wrapping paper roll). The “Egyptians” experienced darkness by placing a piece of black construction paper in front of their eyes. They also were given a green pom pom and pretended it was locust. The Egyptians gave the Israelites “gifts” of jewelry and beautifully wrapped boxes urging them to leave Egypt. As they journeyed out of Egypt they came to the sea and rested. Once they saw the Egyptians, Moses lifted his rod and the sea (blue sheet) was folded to the side so they could walk through. The Israelites rejoiced by playing instruments and dancing. It was a very engaging experience that they thoroughly enjoyed. In honor of the weekly letter, מ, the children decorated their own מזוזה.


Space is the current theme - with some detailed discussion of our solar system.  Matching planet picture cards, placing the (fabric) planets on their orbits around the sun, singing the planet song (for the order of the planets) and art projects, including sponge painting planet Mercury and string painting the largest planet, Jupiter.
Outdoor play was heaps of fun; climbing mountains of snow and rolling down, making a big snowman with shovels for his arms, and taking giant moon steps, with snow reaching up and over their boots.  
Our Kindergartners are a super eager group - waiting earnestly for all activities, participating, full of questions. 
With a virtual school day on Tuesday, the children rose to the occasion, showing up on Zoom classrooms with printed papers and pencils at the ready. Learning English reading rules can be tricky so we try varied games and the 'Fairy E' cards this week were a hit!  b-i-t sounded out becomes 'bite' when the fairy e (at the end of the word) jumps over the last letter and taps the i, which becomes it's letter name (as opposed to the letter sound) then she disappears / becomes silent. 
We have started our unit on the Solar System.  We are learning a song to help memorize the order and names of the planets.  We will study the planets in depth as the weeks proceed.  The children were very concerned about Why Pluto was not considered a planet anymore.  We went over the 3 reasons of what makes a Planet a Planet.  The children are asking good questions and are very inquisitive about space.  We have started creating individual mobiles with all the planets on it, which  the Kindergartners are very excited about.  
See this week's photo's here https://photos.app.goo.gl/CsXsoxx1Tavz9FheA


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