Week of February 22-26, 2021

This week we celebrated Purim! We made groggers, crowns, and masks! The children wore their crowns while acting out our new song:
“Pretty little Esther went to town,
She bought a little hamantaschen, nice and brown.
She bit a little corner, and then she cried, goody, goody, goody! There is something nice inside.”
We also learned the story of Queen Esther and watched a puppet show at circle time!
We talked a lot about Purim this week.  We told the children that on this Holiday people remember the story of Esther and how she helped to save her people. She was a beautiful Jewish girl who lived a long time ago in the country of Persia.  Esther was so beautiful and so kind that the King chose her to be his queen. The king's most important helper was a wicked man named Haman.  Haman did not know that Esther was Jewish and neither did the king. Haman wanted to hurt all Jews. Esther told the king she was Jewish and about Haman's plot to get rid of her people.  She wanted to save all the Jewish people and asked the King to spare them.  The king loved his brave Queen and so he punished Haman and saved the Jews.  We role played this in class. The boys were given special Majestic Crowns and the girls were given beautiful Crowns to act out our version of Purim. We read numerous stories regarding Purim with many fun variations. Our children were very busy making groggers from cups and paper plates in the shape of "Haman's hat", decorating a variety of masks using gemstones and feathers and coloring their mishloach manot basket for that personal touch.  The children enjoyed filling their own baskets and were very excited to bring them home.  The children practiced and worked hard learning the words to a special Purim song.  
This week was all PURIM, PURIM, PURIM! Puppet show, stories, songs in English and Hebrew, and practicing (just a little) for our Purim schpiel.
We are meant to be happy this month of Adar, as so we shall be - entertained by the Purim players; which included a three for one Queen Esther, Mordechai (x2) and mean Haman - when there was no interest in a Mean Haman character,  the class voted on Morah Lana as Haman - really?! 
Our groggers this year were the Purim characters - most popular of course was Queen Esther, with King Achashverosh, a not so close second - read into this any way you want... 
After lunch and before quiet time, this little group of Kindergartners bustle around, sweeping crumbs off tables, sweeping the floor, wiping down tables and chairs and working their way through ALL the drying cloths that then need to be washed and dried at the teacher's house ;) That aside, I do highly recommend their services, and the enthusiasm that comes with it!
If I take a step back and appreciate the accomplishments of these Keshet kids, it is quite amazing.  Day by day we explore concepts, letter by letter, number by number as now, the end of February, we are into a steady routine and I am able to sit and read with one little group at a time as the others work away, filling their workbooks and putting up a hand to ask for help. 
We continued OUR Space unit.  We read about Venus and how it was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty due to it's shining appearance in the sky.  Venus is the second brightest natural object in the night sky after the moon.  We talked about how it has a thick atmosphere which traps heat and makes it very hot.  It is considered the hottest planet in our solar system even though it is the second planet from the Sun. We then discussed Our Planet Earth in detail.  The Earth is the third from the Sun.  We worked more on the Solar System mobile... it's coming along nicely.  The children really seem to be enjoying making this mobile.
See this week's photo's here https://photos.app.goo.gl/yH426FBP4sFV3PLe7



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