Week of January 4-8, 2021

This week we had so much fun talking about snow, the clothes we wear when it’s snowing outside, and activities we can do in the snow!

We made mittens out of construction paper and the children used bingo dotters to decorate them and then we tied them together with string. We made sponge snowmen, complete with nose and eyes, and cotton ball snowmen. The children used cotton balls to create the snow on their projects. 

The children helped shovel snow on the playground on Monday and searched for ice to bring inside to watch melt (a favorite activity). We also made our own “snowstorm”.

To make your own “snowstorm” at home:
You will need:
1 cup shaving cream
1 cup baking soda (possibly more depending on how much humidity there is in your house)
Very little water
Spoon and bowl

First, add the baking soda to the shaving cream. Mix together with a little bit of water. Keep mixing until your mixture gets thicker. You may find that you need more baking soda to get a thicker consistency. Let it stand for 15-20 min and you will have “snow” and should be able to form very soft “snow balls”. It will not be a play dough thickness, more like a glue consistency without the stickiness.

Morah Sherri did yoga with us also this week, and we especially liked being “yoga clocks”. 

Please remember to pack utensils and a sippy cup for your child to have with lunch and snack.
We are so happy to be back to school from our Holiday break.  Happy 2021 everyone!  It's been a smooth transition into the classroom.  All the children were happy to see each other.  In the Art area there were new activities like snowflake cutting and making a snowman.  Our sound of the week was "Qq".  We read the Alphatale The Quiet Quail.  Also,  during storytime we read the book The Tale of TWO beasts by Fiona Roberton.   This book is a wonderful story about two perspectives with one situation.  It was definitely a funny and enjoyable book.  
The children returned to school ready to pick up where they left off in their Hebrew learning. They didn’t miss a beat when it came to reviewing the colors. They were eager to get started with new activities. Many of the children colored and assembled a picture of a זאב(wolf). Most were amused at the זקך(beard) activity. The activities were all related to the letter of the week (ז) .
Our theme upon return to school is 'The New Year, 2021', the new season, officially winter now, and a discussion about the fact that it can be very cold, and sunny at the same time. (One child gets to illustrate the weather on our calendar each morning.) Winter weather, winter habitats - for people and various birds and animals.  Ask your child what bats do in winter, squirrels, mice, deer, butterflies, woodchucks... 
The Mitten, by Jan Brett was narrated, and acted out by our awesome actors, taking on the role of the Baba (grandma), Nikki, and all the animals, one small white mitten (stitched by one of the children) and a GIANT white felt mitten. 
Reading fiction and non-fiction, the children are becoming aware and we find ourselves voting on whether a story read was real or pretend (a story). We're enjoying more alef-bet yoga poses -  ע ב ג ו ח י  ל מ ם ר ש  Have your child show you the yoga letters in hebrew: ayin, bet, gimmel, vav, chet, yud, lamed, mem, resh and shin. 
We enjoy a weekly science experiment, on a shelf on a tray as an individual work activity for exploration - this week was 'A Milky Color Design' using milk, colored drops of food coloring and a q-tip dipped in dish soap (dispersing the fat molecules in the milk). 
The children are at various stages of letter recognition, writing and reading and having been introduced to various instructional pieces from September, the children were so excited this week to be handed their 'Writing Journal' and are eager to write in their journal each morning! (Some are begging to do more than one entry per day:) 
We are exploring the analogue clock; the hour and minute hand, going through a day at school, from arrival at 8am and hour by hour through the day, and then beyond. The children traced, cut and created their own clock with moveable hands and we will continue working on this.  Right now the focus is on O'clock and thirty minutes after, as in 7:30.  Have your child keep their clock available and move the hands of the clock according to the actual time.  You can draw in the markings between each number if you'd like.  
The children enjoyed playing 'Making a Snowman' a dice puzzle game and 'Snowflake Bingo,' with numbers from 1-17. Their Kindergarten Text and Activity books are mostly completed and will be coming home shortly.  There may be pages that we did not get to, or your child may have missed pages - look through the books and encourage your child to complete some missed pages.  
Science - We discussed Winter Hibernation; what animals do during the winter season.  We explored animal tracks in the snow.  We did a fun activity where the children had to guess animal paw prints and they made their own Animal Tracks booklet.
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