Week of March 1-5, 2021

Frogs, frogs, frogs!
We have learned that frogs drink water by absorbing it through their skin! The largest frog is called the Goliath Frog, and a group of frogs is called an army...
5 green and speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs-yum, yum! One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool, now there are 4 speckled frogs, glub, glub!
(Continue singing by decreasing the number of frogs)
We counted our frogs in English and Hebrew!
We made toilet paper roll frogs (painted a toilet paper roll green and attached paper legs and googly eyes) and paper plate frogs!
We played a hopping game where each child had to hop a number of times like a frog!
The students received their PASSPORTS  this week.  The children were very excited to see their pictures inside them. We are going to pretend to travel the World.  We will be focusing on one continent at a time. This week we talked about our continent of North America.  The children were introduced to push pinning the continent puzzle piece of North America as well.  We used our imagination and decided to explore the continent of North America.  We discussed that the United States is inside North American. We talked about the other countries in North America too.  The sound of the Week was "Ff".  We read Alphatale: Fifi's Flute.  
Children enjoyed making a סוס (horse) in brown, reddish/orange or black. One could see the enjoyment they derived from “feeding” their סוס with apples and/or carrots. We also talked about other words that begin with ס such as סבא and סבתא. We ended the week rocking out to a fun tune to the alefbet. Instruments and “microphones” were used. Ask your children to sing our twist to the alefbet song to you.
This week we welcomed Julia Hall to our Anafim classroom.  The children were so welcoming and it seems already that Julia has been part of our group forever!
This was Pet Week. We learned about cats and kittens, how a cat takes care of her kittens, baby kittens eyes and ears are closed for the first week of life.  We learned about dogs; a mother dog is called a dam, a father dog is called a sire. Puppies stay with their mom for the first eight weeks.  We spoke about a veterinarian and taking care of our pets, training and feeding and looking after them.  We made lists of pets and shared stories about the pets we have and those we would love to have.  The children love listening to stories and particularly 'true stories' about pets and their owners, like Bentley and Blueberry, by Randy Houk and _Puppies For Sale,by, Dan Clark (a NY Times Bestseller Author) about how dogs came to be adopted as forever pets. 
Our 'grass!' playground!! is now fully covered in a thick layer of woodchip and we are all excited to once again have that outdoor play area.  
Keshet students learned about adjectives - 'describing words' as we played the Farm Gamewith a variety of colored animals in varying sizes.  I told them I was thinking of an animal (wrote it down; a ram' and they went to the farm to retrieve it.  Upon return to the group with the small ram, I said 'that is a ram but I was thinking of the ... (I wrote 'big' in red on a piece of paper)' and sent them back to the farm. 
We continued with tens and onesand working with small items, sorting and placing onto 'ten frames' with some 'ones' remaining, and then recording the tally on a card.   We refer to this as 'number games' and the children never quite get to complete all the grouped objects, leaving them asking to play this game again. In Hebrew the children are almost through the alef-bet and look forward to bringing home their books to share with you. 
The children added Mars to their Solar System mobile.  We made a beautiful galaxy this week for  the background to their mobile with silver glitter too.  The galaxies are very special to the children.  Ask them about it.  :)
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