Week of November 2-6, 2020

Monday & Tuesday, Nov. 2/3  were all about Rainbows- to continue with our theme from last week when after the Flood, G-d sent the  people a gift of the Rainbow as a sign that there would never again be another big Flood and the people could begin again with a fresh new start.   The children enjoyed painting large rainbows on our classroom easel.  At Group mtg/circle time-  we talked about what colors make up a rainbow and where and when would we find a Rainbow in the sky? - after a big rain storm.
   -  Circle time, we talked about the weather, as it was a very 'Windy' day!!  We reviewed the letter 'S' and it's sound and objects/toys that begin with the letter 'S' such as snake, shoe, sheep, square, etc...  We also read 2 new books about Rainbows. 
    -  Craft time- we took different colored cut out strips of paper and glued them onto a white paper background to create our own Rainbow pattern.
    -  We created our own mobiles with yarn and cut out animals to hang from the Rainbow, which the children enjoyed coloring.
We talked about biggest, small, smallest. The children glued different sized circles onto paper and were able to tell the difference in sizes.
We painted circles at the easel. We also started grouping objects by size and category.
We discussed the Body this week.  Everyone got a chance to trace their body on a large piece of white paper.  The kids really loved doing this activity.  We talked about our amazing five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Next week we discuss more about the internal organs inside our body.  On Tuesday we discussed the election with the children.  We told them that the whole country is voting for a new President for the United States of America.  It was a very brief simple discussion.   The sound of the week was the letter "Pp".   We read the Alphatale: The Pigs' Picnic.  In practical life Silver Polishing was shown.  The children really enjoyed making the silver spoon very shiny.  In Sensorial we took out the knobless cylinders which are different diameters and depths of cylinders.   
Slim Hebrew and Judaics-
This week we focused on the letter Bet. We “made” a Bet with our bodies using a yoga inspired move. We read the book The Shema and The Mezuzah.This book reminded us of the importance of listening to others. Sometimes we can learn something new. 
Our parshah session was interactive. All of the children helped Abraham and Isaac pack for their journey to the land of Moriah. Once Abraham and Isaac reached the mountain, the children helped to build an altar for a special “cookout.” 


The theme this week is My Body.  And the election! Last week we talked about the five senses, this week we are focusing on the skeleton, the skin, germs and keeping them at bay, healthy food vs. 'sometimes' food. Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body?!  Mostly in the hands and feet.  We have real size x-rays making up the entire skeleton, which the children put together like a puzzle.  They made little people by threading  pipe cleaners through a silicone ring (head) and through a cardstock rectangle (body) and added beads to the arms and legs, which they could bend, replicating the knee and elbow joints. Ask your child to sing 'Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones...' 

We spoke about doing our best to stay healthy, which included eating healthy, getting a flu shot ( projections about a Covid vaccine) and the 'germs don't like soap' experiment was very well received! A dish filled with water and a drop of red food coloring - 'skin' (which lead to a whole discussion on different color skin) sprinkled with pepper - 'germs,' immediately reacted ('germs' dispersed) when soap was introduced.  Wash hands frequently, soap chases away germs. 
On Tuesday we held our own election, including a voting booth and ballot box. Following a general discussion and identifying the candidates, the children circled the picture of the person they voted for, in a private voting booth, folded their ballot and dropped it in the box. We tallied all the votes and Biden won!
Picture day was also on Tuesday, everyone smiled and everyone should receive an email from Irvin Simon Photographers in two to three weeks with information on ordering - directly from them, with payment made online and pictures mailed to your home. 
Kindergarten is so much fun!  The children are so excited about everything.  So enthusiastic for Hebrew class - they run to the gate (they are usually on the playground prior to Hebrew class) as soon as someone notices Morah Shira approaching.  Right now they are on letter 'chet' decorating each letter (chet is adorned in feathers) and creating an alef-bet book. 
Math included '10 paint bottles standing on the wall... and if one paint bottle should accidentally fall, there'll be 9 paint bottles...' They took turns throwing a beanbag and counting how many little paint bottles were knocked down and then how many remained standing.  As they took their turn, numbers were recorded on the dry erase board: 10 ... 2... 8.  It was so funny how everyone got 10...0...10 the first time round.  Just hysterical?! 
Language: We've started journaling; writing a story and drawing an accompanying picture. It doesn't really matter what the story is, it's the idea of telling a story and 'writing'/drawing about it.  We have a word list, which we will continually be adding to and the children are learning cues. ' I', 'and' and 'the' are the first three words for now. 
Keshet Science-  We started a new unit with the human body.  The kindergarten children are going to focus on the internal organs the next few weeks.  Everyone was able to outline their body and cut out their silhouettes. We start to discuss the internal organs in depth.   The first internal organ we began discussing was the Brain.  We discussed that the Brain works very hard.  It is like a computer that answers many questions and sends messages all over the body.  The children were given a diagram of the brain and they colored and glued it on the outline of their paper body. Now they each have a brain! They all seem to be enjoying this new unit.
See this week's photo's here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tWfHpXUYevurRiHt6


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