Week of November 7-11, 2022


This week was all about our bodies, healthy habits, and staying safe! We read the book Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson, and talked about resting when we are sick, and who can take care of us when we don’t feel well. We also sang “If You’re Healthy And You Know It,” with healthy habits such as eating good food, drinking water, playing outside, washing hands, and taking a rest. 

On Wednesday we had a special visit from Dr. Martin, who showed us some of the items that he uses to check on patients and to help them feel better when they are sick or hurt. The children were excited to examine the stethoscope and otoscope, and some even volunteered to have their heart and lungs listened to, or to be bandaged up the way they would be if they were hurt! The doctor also talked with us about healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, washing our hands and brushing our teeth. 

We also celebrated David’s birthday on Wednesday! We sang Happy Birthday to David in English and in Hebrew, and his family brought some yummy cookies to share with the class. It was so much fun. Thank you!!

Hebrew & Judaica:

The children sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in both Hebrew and English! They had so much fun making that connection.  Additionally, the children are practicing their colors in English and Hebrew! We’ve incorporated a lot of arts and craft projects ie. finger painting, dot painting, glueing using the colors red, yellow, orange, and brown to have more opportunities to practice the names of those colors in Hebrew. 

Some of the children took out the Shabbat materials and practiced lighting the candles and saying the prayers associated with welcoming Shabbat. 



This week went by so fast.  Our theme this week was all about me.  We spent time looking in the mirror and observing different features before heading to the art table to create our best drawing of ourselves.  We read several books about being us and being different including, this is me by Keith Faulkner and Don’t Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin.  This topic helped fuel our Hebrew words for the week as we focused on how to say different body parts in Hebrew.  Our Israeli children delighted in teaching their friends how to say rosh, k’tafayim, reglayim, beten and more.  While the English speakers shared how to say these body parts in English; head, shoulders, legs, stomach or belly, etc.  We sang and motioned head shoulders knees and toes, both fast and slow and the children definitely got a good laugh over trying to do it quickly. 

This week we introduced our first letter sound “m” and enjoyed tracing the sandpaper letter with our finger as well as looking through the sound pouch as a large group.  We used these manipulatives to play a little game of “What’s missing” at circle time.  This is a great language building activity as well as a way for children to work on their memory skills.  

On Wednesday we welcomed Dr. Martin into our classroom for a visit.   He talked about how to keep our bodies safe and healthy and also brought some special tools with him.  The children eagerly had chances to try out the stethoscopes that he brought as well as have their eyes and ears check with the otoscope.  Dr. Martin was so kind and gentle with the children and they didn’t want him to leave when it was time for him to go!

Friday we celebrated Shabbat with Mika and RJ as our shabbat helpers, they enjoyed leading the prayers.  We were sad that Mark was feeling a bit under the weather today and his family couldn’t join us in the chapel but hopefully they will be able to come soon.  If you have not already done so, please sign up to spend Shabbat in the chapel with our class.  It is such a joyful time!



This week our classroom transformed to PURPLE in Practical Life and Art.  We talked about how purple is a secondary color.  We did some color theory experiments on how to make purple through art.  We mixed chalk, paint, and playdough .  Also,  we did a really cool activity where we mixed red water and blue water in glass droppers and dropped the colors on coffee paper filters to make the color purple.  The kiddos had a blast with this.  There is a new mini wooden easel for watercolor painting with special watercolor paper. 

In practical Life,  we had a new mirror polishing work.  The purpose of this lesson is not only to care for things in the environment but also from a developmental standpoint it involves teaching children order, sequence and concentration.  All the steps to make mirror polishing successful.  

We discussed the Shabbat Box and talked about how our  friend the fox (Shual)  went home with Zevi’s family last weekend.  It was a huge success.  Our Fox (Shaul) had such a great time with them.  We read the journal entry to the children.  They loved it!!!!    Everyone is very excited and looking forward to bringing home the box.  Pearl and her family have the Shabbat Box this weekend and we can’t wait to hear all about their adventures together next week.

Tuesday we had Gym with Coach Oren.  He took out the scooters again and the children really had fun chasing one another on them.

On Wednesday,  we had Dr. Martin visit our classroom, He discussed what it’s like to be a pediatrician.  He was very sweet with the children and showed them some of his medical devices that he uses when he does an examination on his patients.  He asked if anyone would like to volunteer and let him check their ears and listen to their hearts. We had a couple children who wanted a turn.  It was a very nice visit.   


The parsha with the children was discussed in very simple terms that a man named Abraham spotted three travelers and ran to them. He offered hospitality and washed their feet as they rested in the shade and ran to prepare food and drink.  The guests were unknown to Abraham,  then angels prophesied that Sarah would give birth to a son even though she was very old.  We did a short puppet show and acted this out.  We are still reviewing the Hebrew letters. 

Thursday,  we celebrated Henry’s Birthday in the classroom.  He had a blast wearing his crown and he brought in a treat  for his friends to enjoy.   Morah Dawn came to our classroom for music.   She practiced the Do Re Mi Scale again with the children.   

On Friday we went down to the Chapel along with Pearl’s parents who signed up for a visit.  We sang Shabbat songs in the Chapel and Morah Lana read a story to all the children regarding the Parsha this week.  We went back to the classroom and enjoyed our homemade challah.



We completed our unit on Connecticut, and the booklet should be in your child’s backpack! Feel free to ask questions as you page through… ‘what is Connecticut’s state insect?  What does it eat? Why does it have that name?’ 

The highlight of this week has got to be our ‘Hashem Sheli’ program, so impressed that so many parents were able to take some time from their busy schedules to be with us and watch their child participate as a group!  The stories you all shared with us were interesting, funny, and heartfelt. Leading up to this, we practiced singing and learning ‘All About Me!’ measuring their height, weight, and recording results. They all have specific ideas about what they want to be when ‘grown up’ which was delightfully interesting! The book ‘All about me!’ which they completed today will also be in the  backpack.  

In Hebrew we continue to learn to identify new letters and their sounds, as well as what magical vowels do to the sounds of the letters. We are learning a new aleph bet song as well. 

Some of the children are discovering that they can put three sounds together and create a word, others are so excited to be reading their first books! Inspiration often comes from observing another child… 

Lest I not forget, Dr. Martin visited on Wednesday and brought along stethoscopes, otoscope, splints and bandages and a visit to the doctor never seemed such a smiley ordeal! Some even wrote about it in their journal entry that day! 


See this week’s photos here https://photos.app.goo.gl/PzQ1uKsByPQ2rrhS6



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