Week of November 9-13, 2020


This week we are continuing with our 'All About Me' theme. 

 Our Etz Mishpacha (Family Tree) is complete and looks wonderful.  We will be talking about 'Who's Who' this week with the children in Circle/ Morning Meeting.  

  -  We are learning to pronounce and trace the letter 'p' with our sandpaper letters.  We are enjoying taking turns pronouncing 'p', 'p', 'p' and then matching this sound with toy objects that begin with the letter 'p' - such as plate, penguin, pelican, and pencil.  We had fun playing ‘Eye Spy’ in the classroom for toys that begin with the letter 'p' - like potato, pumpkin, the color purple and a pepper in our food basket.

   -   We had fun sorting pom poms of many different colors and sizes.  We talked about our favorite colors- Beau likes 'yellow'.  Bear likes 'Blue' like Morah Sherri & Morah Miriam.  Zev likes the color ‘white’.


  **Outdoor playtime has been glorious-  We have enjoyed the warm sunshine shining down on us while jumping, skipping and hopping in and out of hula hoops.  The children played so nicely passing and tossing a few different bouncy balls to one another.   They are taking turns on the slides, and walking on the tree stumps . We also enjoy the sandbox and blacktop area of the playground, taking turns riding the Kiddie cars and bikes.  

Morah Sherri had so much fun practicing yoga on the playground 'Spider Web' - where we stretch our bodies long and practice balancing on 1 foot, then the other while holding onto the Spider web bars.  We used our imagination and practiced some 'Turkey squats' and stretched our 'Turkey wings and drumsticks'.

  The class enjoyed discussing their favorite animals at circle time.  They chose their favorite animal stamper and dipped them into the purple paint.  They answered the questions, ‘What is your favorite animal? ‘ and ‘This is my favorite animal because.....’  

 -  Meeting/ group time has been so wonderful as the children are sitting nicely for a longer period of time.  Here, we learn what day of the week it is, one child plays weatherman and reports the daily weather.back  We sing songs that allow the children to move and be excited while jumping up & down 11 times as we counted to '11' in English and Hebrew for Nov. 11th. 

-  We discussed the many different food items again in our basket - understanding the difference between a healthy fruit/vegetable or Chicken drumstick vs. the sweet treats that are nice to enjoy once in a while, but not every day as they're filled with sugar.  

-   We set up a little audience of chairs to view our Etz Mishpacha / Family Tree and I invited each child to come up and point to their family members on their branch and tell us who each person is. 

-In addition, we stretched out on our yoga mats and practiced some 'Choosy' nutrition and movement song/activities about our 'FAV'/favorite fruits and vegetables, and moving our bodies for exercise and good health.   

We ended our week exploring our healthy vegetables some more and found out each of our favorite vegetables we like to eat.  Sophie likes orange Carrots, Zev likes green Lettuce, Beau likes white and black Mushrooms, and Bear likes green Cucumbers. 

This week we continued our unit on the human body.  We talked about the skeleton of our bodies.  We discussed how important it is for our frame of our bodies.  Skeletons are made up of many bones.  I told the children that their skeleton is made up of more than 200 bones.  Some are big, small, flat and round. We discussed that bones grow like every other part of the body.  Food like milk, cheese and leafy vegetables have calcium in them to help the bones grow strong and healthy.  Also, some bones help protect important internal organs.  I told them that their rib cage protects their heart and lungs.  Their skull bone protects their brain but it's still very important to wear helmets when on bike rides.  The skeleton also helps them walk, run, jump and move in many ways.  They all seem to enjoy this discussion. Next week we will discuss the internal organs and the functions of them.   The sound of the week was "e".  We read the Alphatale The Enormous Elephant Show.
This week’s alef-bet letter is  ג  gimel. We learned new words that start with gimel such as girafa (giraffe), gamal (camel), geshem (rain) and glida (ice-cream). The children enjoyed painting girafas, assembling an umbrella, and making ice cream. 
The parshah this week of 'love lost' and 'new love' was touching. The children helped Eleazar find a bride for Isaac. They “brought” camels, gifts and jewelry to present to the new bride. 
We continue with 'ME' - this week concentrating on emotions.  We spoke about what it feels like when someone loves you, and why it makes us feel good: we feel safe, included, cared for. We spoke about making others feel included, being kind to friends and to strangers, respecting all people, always! Inspired by a story we read of a little girl enchanted by the Impressionist paintings at an art museum, we tried out some pointillism techniques, using Q-tips to paint lots of tiny dots which together form an image. Tying in with our theme, we dot-painted a detailed eye, and also a person outline, which some chose to carefully cut out  prior to dot-painting.  Talking about the human eye, we delved into sight, color and what color blindness means.  We looked at pictures in full color, then at the same picture viewed by someone who could not differentiate between red and green.  We also saw pictures in tones of grey. 
On Thursday we celebrated Riley and Rebecca's fifth birthday and we enjoyed looking at their photo's, from birth up until today! Birthdays call for birthday stories - we read Happy Birthday To You!by Dr. Seuss. 
Kabbalat Shabbat offers a choice of songs.  '5 Challot in the Baker's Shop' is always a favourite with children jumping up and volunteering to be a 'challah' or a 'buyer' or the baker sprinkling on the poppy seeds.  (There was a sharp increase this week from $1 to $6/challah; keeping things realistic!) 
In Math we're talking about shapes, exploring the Montessori Constructive triangles, using various triangles to create new shapes - rhombus, square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid.  We explored with shapes and patterns and using tangrams (seven flat polygons) to fill in larger shapes.  We're also practicing writing numbers, not only as numerals, but in word form 'one, two and three' recognizing them as sight words. 
Language practice included writing messages to the birthday girls, sounding out words and using the sight word chart to write messages. Ask your child what little book they read. 
We finished the beautiful story of Charlotte's Webthis week.  The true friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur was heartwarming.  The kids were sad to hear that Charlotte (the spider) had died. They were happy that Wilbur took care of her children after her passing.  Wilbur and Charlotte had a beautiful friendship that was true and everlasting.  It was a lovely story that teaches children the value of true friendship.
Science-  We are continuing the unit on the Human Body: Internal Organs.  We talked about the brain last week.  This week we are discussing the heart and the lungs.  We talked in depth about the organs and did some cut outs.  We colored in and glued the organs to their body outlines.  The children are thoroughly enjoying the Human Body unit.  
See this week's photo's here https://photos.app.goo.gl/T6cHgnbAzQpPTfR59


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