Week of October 12-16, 2020

This week we explored a pumpkin. We talked about the parts of a pumpkin, and even cut it open to see inside. The children helped to scoop out the pulp and fibrous strands and we then put it out on a try for the children to look at more closely with a magnifying glass. The children also used their new vocabulary words of “smooth” and “rough” when making pumpkin prints.
This week was also fire safety week. We read a book about fire engines and learned a new song.
“Hurry, Hurry drive the fire truck, hurry hurry drive the fire truck. Hurry hurry drive the fire truck, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
Hurry, hurry climb the ladder, hurry hurry climb the ladder, hurry hurry climb the ladder, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
Hurry, hurry spray the water. Hurry, hurry spray the water. Hurry, hurry spray the water, ding, ding, ding, ding.”
We also had a practice fire drill and a practice lock down drill. We prepared the children before each event, and they did very well. 
The children created construction fire trucks and fire truck tracks (this activity was a hit—the children ran a toy fire truck through white paint to create tire “tracks”.)
We introduced the color of the week GREEN to the class.  We talked about how Green is a Secondary color.  The children mixed blue and yellow together with a chalk activity.  Also,  they experimented with mixing paint to make the color green.  We made a beautiful tree in our classroom.  The kids decorated the tree with different fall color leaves.   The sound of the week was "L".   We read the Alphatale book :  The Lamb who Loved to Laugh.   
What an exciting week! We learned a new song in celebration of beginning the new cycle of the readings from the torah. 
Let's do the high five torah jive
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Let's do the high five torah jive
make that torah come alive
Bereshit is number 1
In the beginning we had some fun 
Shemot is number 2
 We're Israelites and we are on the move
Vayekra is number 3
every generation follow me
Bamidbar is number 4
we're going on the desert tour
The last book Devarim
Jews and Israel living the dream
To honor this week's parsha, our children were the illustrators for their own book on Creation. They are very proud of their work. 
The FAMILY theme was introduced with mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousins. The children took turns talking specifically about THEIR family members.  We heard about grandparents; where they live, what we call them and recalled fun activities they enjoy with their grandparents. Mishpacha is the hebrew word for family and they learned that ima is mom, aba is dad, achim - brothers and achot - sisters. 
Last week we pre-practiced, this week we reacted to the scheduled emergency calls.  At the sound of the fire alarm the children knew exactly what to do and where to go.
Shelter in Place occured during nap/quiet time and was barely even noticed. (windows were closed, blinds closed and doors locked).  And lock down practice went just as smoothly! These kids are amazing.  Ask them about it.
Language-  We continue to read Charlotte's Web.  The children are very interested in what is taking place in the story.  There is a strong friendship between Charlotte( the spider) and Wilber( the pig).  It’s very heartwarming.  Ask your Kindergartner to tell you about Charlotte.  
Math - We are exploring number bonds with buttons and cubes, and driving cars into parking lots... working in pairs, trying various combinations and recording the findings on dry erase boards or on paper. Number practice writing continues- as the basis for all written work.  Working in their activity Math books continues with enthusiastic cutting, gluing, asking questions. Number games this week included dominoes - playing in groups; recognising groupings of dots / numbers. They're learning to wait their turn, explain to friends, follow the rules and the order of a game. It's not all about winning - right?!
With our Family theme, the children practiced rhyming poetry, chanting and filling in the blanks.  In art class the children made pumpkin patch thumbprints, with embellishments.  Gym class took place on a very rainy Tuesday and necessitated indoor relay races in the auditorium.  The children came back to the classroom sweaty and exhausted, but not too tired to start pin-pricking their continent pieces for their globe of the world. Ask your child to sing the Continent Song!

See this week's photo's here: photos.app.goo.gl/7e4X6rKz3XJ8csi79


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